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Intermedia Contact Center with Cerner Millennium

Key features:

  • Expedited Patient Verification and Call Resolution with Patient Assist: automatically pops up a dashboard along with every incoming call with relevant patient information (Members in household, outstanding bills, prescriptions, etc.) based on that patient's caller ID to expedite patient verification and call resolution time.
  • Inbound Self-Service Voice with Patient Engage: lets patients use self-service interactive voice responses (IVRs) to fulfill tasks themselves (e.g., Bill payments, appointments, etc.).
  • Automated outbound notifications with Patient Notify: reduces patient no-shows by sending automated outbound notifications via, voice, text, and email based on real-time EHR events (e.g., upcoming appointments, prescription refills, etc.).


  • Streamline communications: Integrating with Cerner Millennium enables healthcare providers to promptly retrieve patient health records and crucial information, leading to improved care for patients.
  • Greater convenience: Enable patients to interact with their healthcare provider at their convenience and using their preferred mode of communication.
  • Increase productivity: By implementing self-service IVRs to handle patient requests, healthcare organizations can reduce the workload of their staff and enable them to prioritize delivering exceptional care to patients with more complex needs.
  • Increase revenue: Use automated notifications to remind patients of upcoming appointments and outstanding bills to reduce no-shows and expedite payment.
  • Secure communications: By complying with HIPAA guidelines, our solution offers the confidentiality of patient information and adheres to healthcare regulations. Intermedia can execute Business Associate Agreement upon request to address HIPAA compliance.

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