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Extend API Platform

Intermedia APIs - Plug into Productivity

The Extend API platform allows you to integrate the features of our award-winning voice, video, contact center, and analytics services into business applications (CRMs, ERPs, Ticketing Systems, etc.). Developers can leverage our APIs to build custom solutions to meet business needs—like creating a better customer experience, improving internal processes, increasing employee productivity, and more.

Intermedia Unite Extend API Platform

Increase productivity

Improve employee and customer experiences by enabling communication capabilities in everyday business apps.

Better customer experience

Access relevant customer data at the right time to deliver a more personalized experience.

Access critical data

Add employee calling and communication data to your business reporting tools.

Voice API

Build custom, powerful, award-winning voice capabilities into CRMs, ERPs, Ticketing Systems, and more.

Simplify workflows and spend less time switching between applications by adding calling directly to any application.

Easily capture, store, and access call recordings for coaching, proof of contracts, and more—simultaneously improving employee and customer experience.

Meeting API

Integrate video conferencing into business applications to bring employees and customers together.

Meet safely and securely in HD video from any application to improve communication and collaboration between teams and customers in real-time.

Access meeting details (meeting URL, dial-in details), quickly start and manage meetings from any calendar platform – saving teams time from jumping between apps.

Analytics API

Obtain valuable communication insights, consolidated into any reporting tool.

Access calling data from within any data management and visualization platform to help your organization visualize and optimize employee and customer interactions.

Address Book API

Collect user contacts from various sources into a single location.

Contact details like email address, phone number, and avatars can be drawn from multiple platforms into a single location—saving users time from switching between applications.

Contact Center API

Deliver a better customer experience with Intermedia’s Contact Center API, by accessing the key contact center functions your business depends on.

Screen pops within your application provide the information to agents about each individual customer before the conversation starts – empowering agents to have smarter, more efficient customer engagements.

Build the dashboards, wallboards, and historical reports important to your business – and access them from anywhere, at any time.

Create, automate, and execute outreach campaigns, for the initiatives that matter to you – appointment reminders, surveys, marketing programs and more, via omni-channel (voice, SMS, and e-mail) from within any ecosystem.

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