Comprehensive Security for Your Inbox

Enterprise-grade, multi-layered protection against malware, malicious links, and unknown email threats.

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Comprehensive Security

Multi-layered protection against malware and unknown email threats.

Point-of-Click Protection

Prevents users from accessing known phishing sites or webpages containing malicious code.

Data Loss Prevention (Email DLP)

Outbound email protection from intentional or accidental data leakage.

AI Guardian Targeted Attack Protection

Protection against socially engineered attacks that evade traditional detection

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Get Protection from a Powerful and Unique Set of Technologies

Stop spam, phishing, malware, including both known and emerging “zero-day” threats in the earliest stages of their proliferation.

Improved accuracy of detection

Multiple tier-1 Anti-Virus engines work concurrently to increase the accuracy of detection and categorization of email threats to 99% with near-zero false positives. 

Faster Response to real-time threats

Message reputation signatures combined with advanced heuristics and machine learning for fast and accurate message fingerprinting, categorization and filtering.

Get Protection from a Powerful and Unique Set of Technologies

AI Guardian Targeted Attack Protection


Stops targeted attacks such as impersonation, payroll fraud, invoice fraud, and “zero-day” credential phishing.

Natural language understanding (NLU)

Analyzes thousands of signals across identity, behavior, language, and global threat data.


Classifies threats into predefined categories with high accuracy and automatically remediates (delete, quarantine) each threat category.


Leverages custom machine learning models for an enterprise-relevant threat detection approach that continuously improves.


Easy and Worry-Free

Ultimate control over email security

Easily manage all email security settings and define policies directly from the HostPilot® Control Panel.

Easy-to-manage email security settings

A convenient point-and-click interface simplifies the process of defining complex rules and policies.

Add-on encryption services

Adding Intermedia Email Encryption reduces the risk of data loss and facilitates regulatory compliance.

AI Guardian threat dashboard

SSO access to the AI Guardian dashboard to review threats and data loss incidents, and one-click threat remediation.

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