Modernize Your Existing Business Phone System

Increase flexibility while saving on your telephony costs.

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Cut Calling Charges

Save money with reduced long-distance, toll-free, and international calling rates.

Save or Redirect Capital

Modernize an existing phone system or save enough to justify a new phone system.

See Greater Service Reliability

Leverage Intermedia's enterprise-grade datacenters to protect against local outages.

Utilize Your Existing System

Most newer phone systems are compatible with SIP Trunking with no extra equipment.

Save Money – Ditch the Phone Company

With the phone company, customers typically pay on a per-line basis for physical phone lines that originate in their central office. These phone lines are costly. Customers invest a lot when they initially deploy them, and it's very expensive to add more to accommodate growth. SIP Trunking saves money by routing calls over the internet, instead of through the phone company, reducing operating costs and cutting calling rates.


  • Use an internet connection for the phones
  • Get Intermedia's reduced long-distance, toll-free and international calling rates
  • Pay only for the lines you need when you need them
  • Choose a plan that meets specific calling needs
  • Make free inter-office calls
Help control data leaks and maximize security

Protect Against Local Service Outages 
and Avoid Missed Calls

Intermedia’s Voice Cloud network is purpose-built to deliver 99.999% (five nines) uptime for our voice services. That equates to less than 6 minutes of downtime over the course of a year.


The Intermedia Voice Cloud is hosted in two geographically dispersed datacenters on the West and East Coast.


In the event of a local disruption, calls are automatically forwarded to pre-configured failover numbers such as mobile phones or to a designated voicemail box.


Our redundant architecture is designed to prevent multiple component failures from impacting service, helping to ensure uptime even in the event of individual component failures.


Customize your service with added features like toll-free numbers and cloud-based Auto Attendant to ensure calls are routed properly and responded to quickly.

Who Should Encrypt Email?

Optional Features

Intermedia SIP Trunking includes local and long distance calling and failover routing. Plans are unlimited, bundled or metered. With failover routing, if needed, calls can be automatically rerouted to an offsite number. The failover number can be a mobile, land line, alternate office number, or Auto Attendant.


Mailbox for handling unanswered calls. Send voicemail to email. Local or toll-free number.

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Service providing call forwarding, call screening, sequential, and simultaneous ringing. Local or toll-free number.


Low-cost conferencing with “on-net” calling for internal employees. Local or toll-free reserved and reservation less conferencing numbers.

Toll-free Numbers

Dedicated toll-free numbers for inbound calling.


Service used to receive and store faxes. Provides a secure and confidential “fax mailbox” for receipt of faxes and the ability to send faxes from a Windows PC. Local or toll-free number.

Automated Attendant

Service that answers and routes inbound calls to a person, department, or information. Requires a direct inward dial number (DID) to route calls to specific phones. Local or toll-free number.

Remote Market Numbers

Service that provides a local phone number in remote markets that can be forwarded to a primary hunt group.

Easy and Worry-Free

Easy to Integrate

Works with other Intermedia services to create a complete office productivity solution.

Easy to Deploy

Our Certified Integration Partners help us quickly and seamlessly set up your solution.

Easy to Save

Utilize existing equipment and VoIP technology to save on monthly calling costs.

Easy to Scale

Add lines as your business grows without expensive visits from technicians.

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Contact Center Plans and Pricing

Intermedia offers affordable pricing options that your keep communication costs in line with your business needs.


If you primarily make local calls, choose our Bundled plan with long distance bundles.

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If you need unlimited local and long distance calling, choose the Unlimited plan for predictable monthly bills.

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