Intermedia for
Automotive Dealerships

Accelerate sales while cutting costs with cloud communications.

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Intermedia for
Automotive Dealerships

Communicate from Anywhere

Enable and track communication whether on the lot, in the shop, or your BDC using desk phones, laptops, or mobile app.

Engage Better for More Sales

Send automated two-way notifications with calls, texts, or email to push promos and maintenance reminders.

Do More with One App

Unlock even more employee productivity with one app for collaboration and customer communication.

Close More Deals Faster

Give your sales team all the communication tools they need to hit their quotas while giving you the visibility to track and measure their success.

Protect Their Leads

Send customer calls and emails to the last sales rep who spoke to them to reduce employee and rep frustration.

Keep Sales Moving

Documented internal and external communication records means you never lose a lead even if the sales rep leaves.

Quickly Resolve Concerns

Call, chat, meet, or conference with available employees while actively handling a customer call all on one app.

Never Miss a Call

Easily manage calls without adding headcount with call queues, intelligent call routing, queued callbacks, and self-service tools for clients.

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Close More Deals Faster

Make Every Department a Productivity Powerhouse

Help operations across all your rooftops perform like a finely tuned engine with communication tools that make everyone more efficient while cutting costs.

Service and Repairs

Automate maintenance reminders and quickly get customer authorization for repairs using voice, texts, and email.


Give customers a personalized experience by connecting Intermedia to your system of record to get real-time customer information.


Alleviate call volumes with self-service tools like interactive voice response to handle straightforward requests and to route calls.

Senior Management

Monitor dealership performance using dashboards and reports to identify opportunities to improve.

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Easy to deploy and administer, all backed by Intermedia’s J.D. Power-certified 24/7 support and a 99.999% uptime SLA.

Intermedia’s robust cloud-based solutions are highly scalable and are the trusted choice for businesses of all sizes.

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