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With Intermedia Contact Center, you can differentiate from the competition where it matters most – the customer experience.


Webchat lets you directly converse with customers on your website to provide faster, convenient access to customer service, capture marketing leads, and increase sales.

Intermedia's webchat tool places better customer experiences at your fingertips by giving your customers another way to contact you while allowing your agents to interact with multiple customers simultaneously to improve employee productivity.

Quickly address customer inquiries, engage prospective customers, and deflect call volume, using a personalized experience to boost sales and create greater accessibility.

No matter what level of sophistication you need for your webchat needs, we've got you covered with features like:

Proactive and Reactive Chat

  • Proactive Chat – Engage with your online customers by proactively inviting them to converse with frontline users to answer questions and convert visitors to sales leads for your business.
  • Reactive Chat – Is a less intrusive alternative that gives your online customers the freedom to chat with you when they are ready.
  • Up to 10 concurrent chat conversations – Frontline Users can handle anywhere between 1 to 10 simultaneous webchats, including SMS texts to maximize engagement levels with your customers.
  • Chat response templates (Canned/Predefined Messages) – Predefined chat responses quickly and effectively resolve common customer inquiries to save your frontline users' time when dealing with multiple chats.

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Customized Chats

  • Custom branding & styling – Make webchat match the look and feel of your website for better brand consistency. Chat windows are fully customizable, you can even change the styling of the webchats such as theme, main color, and widgets to match the theme and colors of your website.
  • Customizable Chat Forms – Use pre-chat forms to gather important customer information such as the data fields, first name, last name, and email address to direct chats to the appropriate frontline user for customer support purposes or sales and retain their information after the interaction for future follow up.
  • Mobile-responsive chat – Webchat is fully functional and accessible on mobile devices to create a pleasant, convenient user experience, no matter what device your customers use.
  • Chat transcripts – Customers have the option to save and download the entire chat conversation after the chat ends.

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