Wherever, Whenever Customer Engagement

With Intermedia Contact Center, you can differentiate from the competition where it matters most – the customer experience.

Unified with Intermedia Unite

This new unified platform experience gives every employee in your business the tools they need to work together and with customers to get their job done faster and easier than ever before in one application. As a result, you’ll unlock:

  • Faster Service Speed - Advanced call management tools unified within Elevate give your users better tools to resolve customer calls faster.
  • Better Productivity - Let employees quickly and easily work with each other to help each other or a customer.
  • Better Service Quality - Supervisors have improved visibility into their customer experience and customer-facing users have better access to other employees.
  • Amazing Flexibility - Streamline onboarding and give any user immediate access to help manage customer calls instantly.

Key features of Unified Unite and Contact Center

One Application for Collaboration and Communication

The unified experience has everything employees need regardless of their role.

  • For Internal Collaboration
    Employees that need to collaborate can do so quickly and easily using calls, meetings, chats, and file sharing.
  • For Internal Collaboration
    Frontline users have all the tools (call queues, active call routing, contact directories) they need to:
    • Manage their active calls
    • Measure their performance
    • Collaborate internally while UNITE shields them from other calls.
    When they’re done, they can log out of their call queues and focus on getting other work done by using Elevate to collaborate with their peers.

Status/Presence Sync

Get faster customer call resolution with clear visibility into colleague availability across the organization and the ability to easily engage them to aid in customer interactions.

Advanced Voice Handling Capabilities in Unite

Get access to Advanced Voice Interaction Handling capabilities within Unite including:

  • Dialout – Make a call using and select what number you want to show in the caller ID
  • Automatic Scheduled Dialout Campaigns – Let frontline users participate in dialout campaigns that automatically initiates outbound calls based on a call list.
  • Inbound voice interactions – Let frontline users handle calls from multiple queues.

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