Intermedia SecuriSync® goes beyond typical cloud file storage

Three functions in one product: file sync & share, real-time backup, and antivirus (including ransomware)

*Product and feature availability may vary by region.

File sync and mobile access

With SecuriSync, employees are able to securely work on files whenever and wherever they need to.  As soon as files are stored in SecuriSync, they sync across every device where SecuriSync is installed:

  • Windows and Mac PCs and laptops

  • iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry mobile devices

  • Windows Servers

  • File Streaming on demand for complete access to files from Windows Desktop with minimal footprint.

SecuriSync files are also always accessible from SecuriSync web from almost any web browser.

Gigabit Geek circumvents ransomware devastation

Luke Skibba, owner of Gigabit Geek, had a ransomware crisis. "We were able to wipe the infected device and restore access to the cloud within about a day, but the time to fully recover from the breach was extensive. In this case, we determined that the quickest way to recover the deleted files was through manual restores – 2-3 Terabytes of data in total. It was a slow process, taking two full weeks to complete."

Today, Gigabit Geek is prepared. "With these SecuriSync features in place, we’ll be able to recover impacted files and return to operations in just minutes instead of weeks. Giving users the power to get back up and running quickly without paying the ransom will change the game of fighting ransomware."

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