Intermedia SecuriSync® goes beyond typical cloud file storage

Three functions in one product: file sync & share, real-time backup, and antivirus (including ransomware)

*Product and feature availability may vary by region.

Security features

SecuriSync is easy and intuitive for employees to use, but that doesn’t mean businesses need to sacrifice security. SecuriSync offers a broad range of controls to ensure that data is protected and stays secure.

Keeping access strictly controlled

Businesses have full control over who has access to SecuriSync content.

  • Access and permissions can be edited, updated and revoked at any time
  • Administrators can set backup and data retention policies across their users’ computers
  • SecuriSync data can be quickly remotely wiped from any device
  • Audit log tracks all file and folder syncing and sharing activities
  • Leverages Active Directory user settings, permissions and passwords


Collaboration management tools to protect content

One of the challenges with file collaboration tools is that multiple people might be working with the same file or folder at the same time. SecuriSync includes a number of collaboration and content management features to help minimize confusions and , leading to potential overwrites, conflict copies or accidental deletions.

  • Co-editing and locking features help prevent overwrites and conflict copies
  • Previous file versions can be restored from the web and from the Outlook plug-in
  • Deleted files can be recovered and restored from the web or from Recycled Items
  • Disabled and deleted user data is retained and accessible by administrators for the life of the account

Built with enterprise-grade security and reliability

  • 99.999% uptime service level agreement
  • SSAE 16 Type II-audited datacenters
  • Intermedia is SOC 2 audited company-wide
  • At-rest data is secured with 256-bit AES encryption
  • In-transit data is secured using 256-bit SSL/HTTPS encryption
  • Each account is protected with a unique encryption key
  • Data can be remotely wiped from any SecuriSync device

Gigabit Geek circumvents ransomware devastation

Luke Skibba, owner of Gigabit Geek, had a ransomware crisis. "We were able to wipe the infected device and restore access to the cloud within about a day, but the time to fully recover from the breach was extensive. In this case, we determined that the quickest way to recover the deleted files was through manual restores – 2-3 Terabytes of data in total. It was a slow process, taking two full weeks to complete."

Today, Gigabit Geek is prepared. "With these SecuriSync features in place, we’ll be able to recover impacted files and return to operations in just minutes instead of weeks. Giving users the power to get back up and running quickly without paying the ransom will change the game of fighting ransomware."

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