Intermedia SecuriSync® goes beyond typical cloud file storage

Three functions in one product: file sync & share, real-time backup, and antivirus (including ransomware)

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Integrated backup and file sharing

File management is critical to most businesses. And mobility has changed file management forever.

In the pre-mobile world, files were centrally stored and managed; remote access to files required a VPN connection, and sharing files was handled through email, FTP, thumb drives and couriers. Employees understood that traveling or being away from their desktop meant they wouldn’t have access to the files they needed.

In the post-mobile world, files are stored across multiple devices; there are many options for sharing and collaborating, and work is highly mobile. Employees expect to be able to access their files from any device and any location – even if it’s outside the corporate network.  And they expect to be able to easily share and collaborate on documents with co-workers, business partners, vendors, and customers.

This increased mobility has improved employee productivity, but it has also increased the risk of data loss:

  • Documents are stored on the Desktop and in Documents, Photos, Videos, Music, and Downloads folders 
  • PC and laptop backups typically only run once every 24 hours
  • Employees are sharing corporate files with free, personal services

The more mobile your workforce, the harder it is to manage where company data is being stored, how it’s being shared, and when it’s being backed up.

For business owners and managers, operating in the post-mobile world takes skill. If you’re not providing mobile access and collaboration tools for your employees, they’re likely bringing in their own, creating data loss and security risks for your business. And if you are providing these tools, you’re likely struggling to stay on top of managing multiple solutions and ensure that all your data is safely and securely backed up.

SecuriSync backup and cloud file sharing solves this challenge. With one solution that offers mobile access to files, the ability to share and collaborate on those files, while providing real-time backup of your entire file management environment.

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