Intermedia SecuriSync® goes beyond typical cloud file storage

Three functions in one product: file sync & share, real-time backup, and antivirus (including ransomware)

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SecuriSync provides IT administrators and business managers with the ability to manage all aspects of SecuriSync: users, devices, policies, files, and sharing activities. Our comprehensive administrative control panel gives account owners complete control over their file management environment.

Administrative Policy Management

Administrators can set backup policies across their users’ computers, including different policies for corporate and personal devices. This ensures that end-user files are backed up in real-time, including the Desktop, Documents, Photos, Videos, Music and Downloads folders as well as the My SecuriSync folder. 

Additionally, administrators can easily ensure that company files are backed up by monitoring activity and compliance with backup policies. Admins can also set data retention policies which allows them to control how long backed up files are saved. And they can guard against compromised logins and passwords by enabling multi-factor authentication through HostPilot. In the Account Security Policies section, just select the frequency of multi-factor authentication desired.

Device and Storage Management

SecuriSync device management allows administrators to view all devices configured for each user and see when the device last synced or was backed up.

Has an employee’s device been lost or stolen? Do you need to remove corporate data from machines belonging to an employee who’s left the company? Any SecuriSync device can be remotely wiped of all SecuriSync files with one click, helping ensure that critical business data can be quickly and easily removed from machines that have fallen outside of IT control.

Exert granular control with Admin File Management

Account owners can dive into end-user SecuriSync content to adjust sharing permissions, add/delete/restore files, and search across the SecuriSync folder and file structure. This feature ups the power of SecuriSync's already-powerful admin features.

Intermedia makes it easy

Like all Intermedia services, SecuriSync comes with onboarding assistance from our Cloud Concierge as well as 24x7 support. We typically answer our phones within 60 seconds and our emails within an hour.

Intermedia customers can provision SecuriSync in just a few clicks—with no need to adjust your VPN, firewall or security policies. If you’re not an Intermedia customer, our Cloud Concierge onboarding team will help you get up and running in no time.

Gigabit Geek circumvents ransomware devastation

Luke Skibba, owner of Gigabit Geek, had a ransomware crisis. "We were able to wipe the infected device and restore access to the cloud within about a day, but the time to fully recover from the breach was extensive. In this case, we determined that the quickest way to recover the deleted files was through manual restores – 2-3 Terabytes of data in total. It was a slow process, taking two full weeks to complete."

Today, Gigabit Geek is prepared. "With these SecuriSync features in place, we’ll be able to recover impacted files and return to operations in just minutes instead of weeks. Giving users the power to get back up and running quickly without paying the ransom will change the game of fighting ransomware."

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