Intermedia Frees Largest Truck Body Manufacturer From Migration Paralysis

The Background

The largest Morgan body distributors in the U.S., for 15+ years Truck Body Associates, Inc. has covered the New York Metro area, from New York City to Long Island, Brooklyn, Westchester, and beyond. The majority of its customers are truck dealers within this region, as well as local and regional truck leasing companies.

The Challenge

Truck Body Associates had earned its reputation by providing its customers accurate, up to date information. But the company’s email system was not helping to perpetuate this competitive edge. Back in the early days, Truck Body Associates outsourced the set up and management of its email and other internet-related business aspects. As time progressed, however, the provider maintaining these services did not evolve with the fast paced requirements of the field, resulting in persistent problems, downtime and lack luster support. The time had come to search for a new provider to manage its communications services.

Upon setting out to find a new service provider, Truck Body Associates encountered a crowded market. However, it quickly determined that the ridged offerings from other email providers didn’t fit the bill. Truck Body Associates recognized the broken system they had in place, but feared that attempting a move could make things even worse. Could they overcome this ‘migration paralysis’?

Intermedia Frees Largest Truck Body Manufacturer  From Migration Paralysis

Company Profile:
A distributor for Morgan Corporation, Truck Body Associates is the largest truck body manufacturer in the country

Industry: Distribution

Headquarters: Farmingdale, New York

Intermedia’s customer since: 2014

The Solution

Robert Terracciano, the Director of Business Development at Truck Body Associates explains why selecting Intermedia was such an easy decision. “Intermedia’s business email services offered the flexibility and customization we were looking for. We were able to pick and choose the services we needed a la carte versus a pre-packaged one-size-fits-all bundle, while knowing we’d still be getting excellent email security. Financially, this approach made a lot of sense.”

Another reason Truck Body Associates selected Intermedia was for its expert customer migration team and support. “We had no idea where to begin with the process of migrating our email. It was extremely helpful having an Intermedia expert on the phone guiding us through the whole process,” stated Terracciano.

As with any email system, Truck Body Associates occasionally has required customer support. Intermedia’s attentiveness and expertise are where the company has experienced the largest difference. “What a change we’ve seen in our support experience! Previously, we’d get an answering machine and have to wait for a call back. This process was painfully slow, often taking a few hours before we’d even connect with a person. By the time the issue was resolved, a whole day of being productive was often wasted,” shared Terracciano.

Terracciano continued, “With Intermedia, our email queries are answered with a prompt call back, and are usually fixed within a few hours. I also love the chat feature where we can chat with an expert in real-time through the admin control panel. Convenient and time saving! I’m continually impressed by the effort and personalized attention I receive from the Intermedia team.”

We have gained significant levels of productivity with Intermedia. With its high availability and advanced email security, we have experienced far fewer instances requiring customer support.

director, Truck Body Associates

Products They Use

The Results

With Intermedia’s Exchange Email, Truck Body Associates has reliable, available, 24/7 access to customer support. Now, the company’s commitment to quality extends from the product through to the service customers receive, helping keep Truck Body Associates at the top.

Terracciano recommends Intermedia’s business email services to any business that is holding back on making a change due to migration concerns. “We have gained significant levels of productivity with Intermedia. With its high availability and advanced email security, we have experienced far fewer instances requiring customer support. And, in those infrequent moments where we have, Intermedia’s experts have us back up and running in no time. Our fears of the unknown held us back from migrating our email system, but I can confidently say that we should have done it sooner. Switching to Intermedia was one of the best business decisions we’ve made.”

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