Award-Winning Consultancy Unites its Mobile Workforce using Intermedia’s Cloud-based Phone Service

The Background

Predominantly a business consulting and technology solutions firm, Primitive Logic employs a highly mobile workforce. The company was experiencing great success on the business side, including being named one of the Best Places to Work in the Bay Area 11 years running1. But with growth came challenges and the need for better internal systems including —of all things! —its antiquated phone system.

Employees are spread between multiple offices and regions—a rational business decision, but one that heightened the pain points of managing the aging on-premises phone system. Making things worse, different administrators held responsibility for the system over the years, and no one internally had the expertise to resolve the phone system problems that were coming up more and more frequently. This resulted in a costly reliance upon third-party contractors for system servicing.

Primitive Logic knew that the complicated on-premises phone system couldn’t keep up with their continued growth. It was time for a big change. The problem was that there were certain features and system functionalities that were mission-critical. Given the company’s requirements, would moving to the cloud even be possible?


Primitive Logic

Company Profile:
Primitive Logic is a business consulting and technology solutions firm

Industry: Consulting

Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

The Challenge

A growing, highly mobile workforce creates a unique set of challenges. Kalvin Lee, Director of IT at Primitive Logic, explains, “With our onsite voice system, unanswered calls were forwarded to voicemail. The trouble was that employees didn’t always have time to call in to check them in a timely manner.” Primitive Logic needed greater control over how calls could be made, forwarded, and received.

With its list of non-negotiables top of mind, the company launched a comprehensive search for a new business voice service. “We cast a wide net, looking at everything from hosted to hybrid to on-site. The number of players in this space was overwhelming—yet surprisingly disappointing,” said Lee.

A new on-premises solution would present system limitations and downtime concerns in the event of a natural disaster. In addition, the company was tired of the headache and extra expense associated with having to call a third party contractor when things weren’t working properly. So on-premises systems were quickly ruled out. A cloud voice solution was the right decision.

There was a big problem, though: managed VoIP services appeared to lack the flexibility that Primitive Logic was looking for.

Finally, they decided to turn to their email provider: Intermedia. “I’ve been at the company for over 12 years, and we have been an Intermedia customer for as long as I can remember. We have grown to trust the relationship and have always felt taken care of,” said Lee.

Would Intermedia be able to help Primitive Logic keep the voice features it wanted while alleviating its concerns?

The Solution

After careful consideration, it was clear that Intermedia was the right fit. Lee expands upon why: “Basing our decision on functionality and features, future-proofing, and delivered value, Intermedia’s Cloud PBX service was the best choice for our business. Plus, the fact that we already had an existing relationship in place and would only get one monthly service bill was a nice added bonus,” said Lee.

Given the mobile nature of the business, it was also important for Primitive Logic to have multiple auto attendants and the ability to manage multiple area codes. With Intermedia, Primitive Logic’s employees also have the ability to make calls and access voicemails in a variety of ways, per their preference. People can easily forward voicemails from their email as well, making sure every communication is actioned upon.

With Intermedia, our employees are empowered to administer call forwarding based on their daily whereabouts, changes to a mobile number, or how they receive voicemail. This functionality alone saves our IT team a ton of time.

Kalvin Lee,
Director of IT, Primitive Logic

Products They Use

The Results

Primitive Logic has been using Intermedia voice for a little over a year now, and has never looked back. Gone are the days of contracting out the management duties of a frustrating, antiquated phone system.

Lee explains the night and day difference. “Intermedia’s cloud voice service takes a huge load off of our plate. Now, we manage simple day-to-day elements and the Intermedia team handles the availability, security and everything else. Phone lines across all area codes are administrated under one centralized system that’s accessible anywhere there’s an internet connection. If I ever need help with something, I know the Intermedia support team is there and happy to help.”

Primitive Logic’s end users now can manage simple voice preferences themselves. “With Intermedia, our employees are empowered to administer call forwarding based on their daily whereabouts, changes to a mobile number, or how they receive voicemail. This functionality alone saves our IT team a ton of time,” stated Lee.

Lee concludes with these words for businesses still managing their own voice system: “Intermedia’s voice services opened up a whole new world for us that we didn’t have before. We don’t have to deal with antiquated equipment and IT can focus more of our time on providing value in other areas to best serve our people. When we need voice help, we know exactly who to call, and that we’ll be assisted quickly. The customizations our representative made to meet our needs were quite impressive. I can’t recommend Intermedia enough.”

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