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For over 30 years, the Tucson-based branch of Environment Control has been helping businesses keep their lawns and facilities clean and beautiful. “We beautify the inside and outside of offices,” says Sales and Operations Manager Brandon Ingram. “We believe that you should be happy coming into your office, and you should like where you work.”

Environment Control maintains over 250 properties. Each one has very specific instructions that contain important information about customer requirements. These requirements—which are constantly changing—must be shared with the employees who service those properties.

This constant change was at the heart of Ingram’s problem. If employees didn’t get the right documents and files, they might not know what the customer wanted. And this would create angry customers, risk relationships, and endanger their business. This was a risk that they couldn’t afford to take.

Environment Control

Company Profile:
A building and landscaping maintenance services provider.

Industry: Building Maintenance

Headquarters: Tuscon, Arizona

Intermedia’s customer since: 2010

The Challenge

Environment Control had been using email, USB drives, and even print-outs of documents to share property information between offices and field employees. This wasn’t efficient. Worse, property personnel were constantly struggling to verify that the information they had was current—which, often, it was not.

For Ingram, it was “real manual labor” to get these documents updated. “It just wasn’t very efficient,” he says. “Sometimes it would take us several days to get updated information into the hands of the people who needed it.”

Ingram knew that file syncing and sharing was the answer. But as he examined his options, he naturally looked at Dropbox and other sync and share services. But found them lacking, particularly because he couldn’t control sharing permissions. What’s more, he wasn’t excited about having to deal with one more vendor. But what choice did he have?

The Solution

Environment Control had been an Intermedia customer since 2010. That’s when they started using Exchange Email and other Office in the Cloud services to keep their employees connected across multiple offices. As Ingram was considering his options, he happened to notice SecuriSync in his HostPilot Control Panel. Could it be that easy?

He quickly enabled it. He gave it a short trial—and soon he found himself rolling it out across the company.

“I really liked the fact that SecuriSync was already integrated with Exchange and our Active Directory,” Ingram says. “It made SecuriSync a far better option than using Dropbox or another service. It’s everything we need from one service provider.”

With SecuriSync, Environment Control’s customer requirement documents are maintained by a just a couple of people, but they’re shared instantly with all their property personnel. These employees can access the centralized files from their smartphones, tables, and PCs. Employees can quickly find the information they need while in the field, and they have full confidence that the requirements are always up-to-date.

“SecuriSync is straightforward. You can’t mess it up.” Ingram says. “Our employees found it very easy to use. It was simple for them to adjust to the new process.”

Ingram also appreciated the detailed level of control over sharing permissions that he got with SecuriSync. “We give managers access to view and edit documents, while employees in the field have view-only access to the documents they need,” Ingram says.

I really liked the fact that SecuriSync was already integrated with Exchange and our Active Directory. It made SecuriSync a far better option than using Dropbox or another service.

BRANDON INGRAM, Sales and Operations Manager, Environment Control, Tucson Division,

Products They Use

The Results

SecuriSync allows Environment Control to maintain one single source for all their business documents, which is always current. Ingram no longer worries that outdated, inaccurate content is being used in the field. Even more, he says, “I no longer worry that a USB drive or a printed document with customer data could get lost and fall into the wrong hands.”

SecuriSync has further helped change the way Environment Control does business. They’ve been able to replace paper-driven processes by putting everything in the cloud. “We can measure success by the reams of paper we aren’t buying any more,” says Ingram.

Best of all is the price. While similar services cost upwards of $35 per user per month, SecuriSync starts at only $4.99 per user per month.

Thanks to SecuriSync, Environment Control employees know they always have access to the most current data to do their jobs right and keep customers happy.

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