Successful Intermedia Voice Migration Saves Systek Over 67 Percent

The Background

Systek serves defense and civilian agencies as a Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance (C4ISR) contractor. In business for 27 years with five office locations across the East Coast, Systek aids government agencies like the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs with their Satellite Communications projects.

Customer needs vary, but the challenges its military clients face are similar – uncertain budgets, complex laws and regulations, and staffing disturbances, to name a few. To best serve its clientele, Systek decided to conduct a systems review. Where could the company make changes without impacting its level of service?


Company Profile:
Systek is a government contractor serving both defense and civilian agencies.

Industry: Government / Security

Headquarters: West Long Branch, New Jersey

Intermedia’s customer since: 2012

The Challenge

Steven Trimarchi, IT Manager at Systek, explains the big revelation following its system review: “We were shocked to discover that our phone system was among the top IT expenses, outranking our computers and even the MPLS network.”

It was time to find a more cost-effective business phone system. “We ultimately determined that a hosted PBX solution was the way to go over on premises solutions. We determined that going the hosted route would eliminate a lot of troubles on our end. We wouldn’t have to worry about servicing, fixing or the breaking down of hardware, and the features and functionality everyone wanted were all there,” shared Trimarchi.

Systek had worked with Intermedia for years, but would it have the same outstanding experience with Intermedia’s Cloud PBX voice service as it had with business email?

The Solution

Systek found it easy to broaden the relationship to include voice services. “We had a great rapport with Intermedia and loved the reliability of its business email offering. After a few weeks of multi-office performance testing, Intermedia’s voice services were something we couldn’t turn away from. We were thrilled to achieve such a great reduction in cost, while eliminating the need to manage our own hardware. Plus, we were getting a more extensive feature set,” said Trimarchi.

Trimarchi shares why call quality is of heavy importance to them. “We recognize the dynamic and often unpredictable operational climate our clients face. When they are able to get in touch with us, it is imperative that our voice system be always-on and ready to go--no matter what. Working with Intermedia gives us confidence that this will never be an issue.”

The quality and the support combination from Intermedia has really been excellent.

Steven Trimarchi,
IT Manager, Systek

Products They Use

The Results

Trimarchi elaborates on the migration experience. “We couldn’t be more pleased. The migration process went smoothly and quickly. By setting up temporary phone numbers, Intermedia could forward our existing phone numbers to temporary numbers, never losing service. We came in the next morning and our existing phone numbers had been ported. We didn’t have to do a thing. And whenever we have needed help, Intermedia has been right there. The support has been as great as the service.”

“With Intermedia, we pay just one third of what we were paying for with our old phone system,” said Trimarchi. In addition to dollars saved, Systek is also achieves efficiency gains. With Intermedia’s Cloud PBX system, Systek saves roughly 10 hours a week just on phone-related IT issues. “We’re seeing a decent productivity boost among employees now that their voicemails go directly into their email boxes. CallScape works seamlessly,” commented Trimarchi.

“The quality and the support combination from Intermedia has really been excellent. Downtime is a non-issue, but even if it ever was, Intermedia’s expert staff is well-equipped to solve it. In fact, because of the level of support we’ve experienced, we’re reviewing other ways to expand the relationship,” concluded Trimarchi.

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