Intermedia Unite is Just What the Doctors Ordered at Anderson Clinical Research

The Background

The 20 employees at Anderson Clinical Research in Redlands, Calif., had been limping along with two 25-year-old analog phone systems that couldn’t even transfer calls between Anderson’s two clinics. But upgrading seemed a daunting task.

The company conducts private clinical trials for everything from depression, anxiety, and insomnia to Alzheimer’s, migraines, and diabetes. This critical work requires a phone system with high dependability and versatile connectivity, but none of the clinic’s staff knew what options existed, nor where to start to find a solution that would replace their existing, archaic, on-premises system.

Anderson Clinical Research saves with reliable business phone system Intermedia Unite

Company Profile:
Conducts private clinical trials for the pharmaceutical industry

Industry: Healthcare

Headquarters: Redlands, CA

Intermedia’s customer since: 2018

The Challenge

Because Anderson’s researchers are on the road constantly to various conferences, they need a self-sustaining and reliable system that works seamlessly to keep them in touch with patients, according to clinical research coordinator Amy Ochs.

To their dismay, companies wanted tens of thousands of dollars to upgrade or replace their existing phone system; and they were warned installation could take several weeks at best. “We knew for sure after we got those quotes that we wanted to go with something cloud-based,” said Ochs.

The Solution

“We chose Intermedia Unite® because it seemed like something simple we could do ourselves,” Ochs explained “The other companies we were looking at wanted us to wait for their time frame to come in and help us install things, and wanted a lot more for what Intermedia was offering. But we all felt comfortable enough to do it ourselves since it is basically plug and play with Unite, and we were able to set it up quickly on our schedule.”

The transition to Unite – Intermedia’s flagship unified communications solution – in July 2018 took a matter of days, not weeks, including number porting. Each office seamlessly ported on a specified day “and our phones never stopped ringing,” Ochs said.

“The onboarding process was really good,” she noted. “We could set up calls with Intermedia reps during times that worked with my schedule, and if we had any questions in between calls I could get answers instantly.” 

Call quality has been excellent – “even better than our old regular phone lines” – and both employees and patients are delighted with the new system.

Although Ochs knows that the Intermedia Unite is an all-in-one integrated communications solution with much more than just a business phone system – including video conferencing, team chat, file sync and share, and more – she said her co-workers plan to ease slowly into utilizing its additional features.

“We mostly just use the phone service right now, but we know there are a lot of other things we haven’t even started to use yet,” Ochs commented. “We’ll start trying more features now that we’ve got the phones all set.”

With Intermedia Unite, our phone service today is much higher quality and costs a few hundred dollars less than we were spending on both offices before.

Amy Ochs,
Clinical Research Coordinator, Anderson Clinical Research

Products They Use

The Results

“On a scale of one to 10, I’d say our experience with Intermedia has been an 11,” raved Ochs. “I get answers really fast any time I have any questions, both through calling customer service and through the chat feature on the web site. We know you guys are there any time we need you.”

Personally, Ochs has been able to go from having two different phone numbers – one for each office location – to one that rings no matter where she is. Plus, she has come to rely on the Intermedia Unite Mobile App to maintain her office no matter where she is. “A lot of the time we’re out of town at meetings. We can just get calls easily transferred to us and nobody knows that we’re out of the office,” she noted. “It’s really nice to do that and to be able to check voice mails through the app, too.”

With the old system, patients sometimes would have to wait on hold for prolonged periods while whoever answered their calls had to track down doctors and researchers in remote locations. Now they can talk with a doctor right away, or they can leave a message knowing that it will be received quickly.

And, on top of all of this, Anderson Clinical Research is also paying less for Intermedia Unite versus their previous provider. Said Ochs, “We’re saving money compared to our really old system. Our phone service today is much higher quality and costs a few hundred dollars less than we were spending on both offices before.”

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