Cloud PBX helps Velir cut phone costs by 50%


Based in the Boston, MA area, Velir is a full service web design and development agency with over 70 full-time employees. The company specializes in custom web development, content management system implementations, data visualization, digital strategy and user interface design. Their clients include some of the world’s largest nonprofit organizations, foundations, and associations. 

For over 12 years, clients have entrusted Velir with designing, building and supporting their websites. Velir’s focus is on helping businesses create seamless and elegant website solutions that help communicate their clients’ message.


Company Profile:
Velir is a web design and development agency with over 70 full-time employees and is located in the Boston area.

Industry: Technology

Headquarters: Somerville, Massachusetts

Intermedia’s customer since: 2012

The Challenge

For roughly five years Velir was using a PBX solution that was in-house but un-manageable for their needs. They were locked into a phone system that was essentially strangling their business. Phones couldn’t be easily given out to all employees who needed them.

“We weren’t able to make the adjustments in-house that we needed in order to control the management of our phone system,” says Pete Navarra, director information technology, Velir. “We had to use our PBX provider to make changes. When I dug deep into the account I realized we were paying way too much for what we were getting.”

At the end of the day it came down to lack of on-premises control, limited voice options and prices that were too high. Velir needed to make a change.

The Solution

Velir went on a two month discovery period to find the right PBX solution for them – from Skype solutions to in-house options.

As a long time Intermedia Exchange Email customer, Velir discussed options for voice solutions with Intermedia.

“The Intermedia team really listened to us and understood our current challenges,” continued Pete. “From a dollar perspective, all-in for our business communications, we were paying about $90,000 a year. Intermedia designed a solution for us where all of our employees could have their own phone and conference bridge. We were able to add in Lync for secure instant messaging in order to build a unified communications platform for our employees. After testing the unified communications solution we were sold. With Intermedia we could integrate with our current Exchange Email and add on Cloud PBX, conference bridges and instant messages.”

We needed a voice solution that would be quick to deploy, easy to manage and provide noticeable cost-savings.

PETE NAVARRA, Director Information Technology, Velir,

Products They Use

The Results

The solution Intermedia developed for Velir immediately brought their budget down by 50%. The company now realizes full integration between email and voice. Each employee has their own extension and the company can brand their phones further professionalizing their offering.

Velir’s support team takes advantage of the hunt groups so no customer is left waiting on a phone.

“At the end of the day we took our budget down by half and we now have full control in-house of our IT,” says Pete. “With HostPilot® Control Panel I can easily provision new employees, and the migration was seamless. I received a number of emails from my co-workers about how smoothly the transition went. The implementation didn’t impact business at all. It’s a great feeling to know we are in a place now were we control our own IT destiny.”

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