The Onin Group calls Intermedia their “most reliable provider” for hosted phone systems and services


Staffing is a complicated business. And The Onin Group is a sophisticated company. Recognized by analysts as one of the largest and fastest growing staffing companies in the US, The Onin Group maintains several different brands in 65 cities across 13 Southern and Midwestern states.

With their diversity of clientele—both job seekers as well as those looking to hire—and the massive dispersion of their workforce, communications are clearly essential.

With their IT team spread over three areas, the last thing they wanted to do was deal with 65 local phone companies and 65 local phone contractors. But could they find a centralized voice solution that kept costs down without sacrificing reliability?

Cloud PBX Case Study

Company Profile:
The Onin Group is among the top three-percent of domestic staffing companies in sales volume and features highly sophisticated staffing industry technology and hiring practices.

Industry: Staffing

Headquarters: Alabama

Intermedia’s customer since: 2012

The Challenges

“If the phones go down, we may as well just close the doors and go home,” said John Leeper, The Onin Group’s IT Administrator. “We call clients all the time. I am probably on the phone 7 of the 8 hours in my day. I have to have my phones working.”

The Onin Group needed their calls to be crisp, clear and reliable. The impact of poor reliability would go beyond customer satisfaction: with their legacy systems, their maintenance technicians charged hefty service and travel fees to perform even minor changes to any phone system. And the costs surged further if there were different phone systems in each office location.

The Solution

The Onin Group was instantly attracted to Intermedia's Cloud PBX for its 99.999% uptime guarantee.

Most businesses phone providers only offer a 99.9 percent uptime guarantee. That may not look like a big difference, but 99.9 percent means the provider lacks the confidence to guarantee any less than 43 minutes of downtime per month. Intermedia's guarantee equates to less than 30 seconds of downtime per month—which is 100 times less.

Beyond the reliability guarantee, The Onin Group was very happy that Intermedia's phones could be maintained and updated without an on-site service technician.

"With other systems, you have to call in, put in a trouble ticket, and wait for them to respond back. Intermedia avoids that headache. Its ease-of-use really stands out. And it's helped Onin’s business function fluidly," said Leeper.

With Intermedia’s HostPilot® control panel, it's also far simpler to make system changes such as adding users or configuring call features—with no on-site presence required. "The control of access is a huge advantage. I can easily forward phones. I can easily manipulate the system for our needs remotely," said Leeper. "HostPilot is a great tool."


With other systems, you have to call in, put in a trouble ticket, and wait for them to respond back. Intermedia avoids that headache. Its ease-of-use really stands out.

John Leeper, IT Administrator, The Ōnin Group,

Products They Use

The Results

Reliability has improved. Call quality is excellent. And, most importantly, costs are down: Leeper estimates that The Onin Group is saving over 60% on their business phone system as compared to their previous provider.

Leeper also appreciates Intermedia's onboarding and support. Our Cloud Concierge™ team made onboarding a breeze, including porting over existing phone numbers, and our support teams offer 24/7 technical assistance to assure a worry-free experience. "If given the choice, I try to go with Intermedia based on your ease-of-use and how easy it is for me to order a system," said Leeper.

Perhaps most importantly, the ease-of-use for Intermedia's systems has given Leeper the freedom to focus on more essential aspects of his job. "It’s easy to walk non-technical people through the phone system," said Leeper. "All the equipment is sent in the mail, and it's just plug and play, without needing a technician on-site."

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