Harbor Retirement Associates Chooses the Intermedia Cloud for More Than a Decade

Intermedia makes the cloud easy and manageable for the sole IT contact of this 2,000-person company

The Background

A lot can change with technology in 10 years. Stacia Rockwood would know. She’s been the lead and only IT contact at Harbor Retirement Associates (HRA) for the last 12 years.

“We develop, build and manage independent assisted living communities, from the ground up,” Rockwood explains. “We are all over the US, from Texas to Washington DC, with more communities coming on board all the time.”

Harbor Retirement Associates

Company Profile:
A senior living development and management company.

Headquarters: Vero Beach, Florida

Company size: 2,000

The Challenge

HRA is fast growing, the ideal scenario for any business. However, as the only IT person within the company, Rockwood knew from the beginning that she needed to streamline HRA’s IT systems. Otherwise, how would she be able to continue handling everything by herself?

This need was only heightened by the fact that HRA is headquartered in Florida. Rockwood knew that natural disaster could hit at any time, and having an on-premises server was a real liability, not to mention being a challenge to maintain and manage. She concluded that it was time to move to the cloud.

The Solution

Rockwood explains her initial decision to go with Intermedia’s integrated cloud services back in 2007, and what it’s been like today: “I wanted to be in a hosted cloud environment, where everything was delivered by one provider. Working with Intermedia is just easy, and they are always on the leading edge of what we’ve needed. We have happily chosen Intermedia every day for the past 10 years and expect to for the foreseeable future. It’s been wonderful.”

She realized that she needed a cloud platform that would be easy for her to manage by herself. “I was looking for ease of use, something simple to set up, and a provider with a deep understanding of what we needed. I didn’t want to have any equipment that I had to set up. Intermedia had the email, the backup, the security – it was a perfect fit.”

With Intermedia’s Exchange Email and archiving, Rockwood has a cost-effective alternative to an on-premises server. “Having the ability to quickly and easily locate emails or files if they are lost or if we are ever audited gives me such peace of mind,” she said.

Although Intermedia SecuriSync® backup and file sharing offering certainly makes Rockwood’s particular job easier, it also greatly benefits HRA’s other employees. “We use SecuriSync for the larger files such as building drawings within our development group,” said Rockwood. “SecuriSync gives us better control over our files than Dropbox®. Further, from an administrative perspective, I can manage all my users from one place. I can manage people’s access with one click, and it’s easy to give minimized access to vendors or VARs than that of our in-house users. We have people all over the US, along with many working from their homes. SecuriSync keeps everything secure, while automatically syncing any work being done across all devices once employees reconnect to the network.”

Because of Intermedia, I can proudly say that I am able to manage IT for our entire company, as just one person.

Stacia Rockwood,
IT, Harbor Retirement Associates

We have happily chosen Intermedia every day for the past 10 years and expect to for the foreseeable future. It’s been wonderful.

Stacia Rockwood,
IT, Harbor Retirement Associates

Products They Use

The Benefits

As technology has changed, Intermedia’s expertise has remained a constant for HRA. “As our needs have evolved over the past 10 years, Intermedia has always anticipated and matched them,” said Rockwood. “Every time I have needed a new cloud service, I’ve gone to Intermedia first. I’ve never had to look elsewhere.”

“In the last five years, we have really ramped up our development, and have scaled to more than 30 active community buildings, with nine more currently in the works,” she said. “Because of Intermedia, I can proudly say that I am able to manage IT for our entire company, as just one person.”

Rockwood concludes, “I get it. People can be hesitant to let go of the room full of servicers, but that wasn’t going to be me. Why would I recreate the wheel when it’s already out there? We all need gasoline, but why make your own petroleum when there’s a one-stop cloud provider like Intermedia to turn to?!”

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