For reliability and mobility, Electrosonic chose Intermedia


Electrosonic is an international company that creates tailored, state-of-the-art audio-visual solutions for a wide range of markets including theme parks, museums, video conferencing and control rooms. In business for nearly 50 years, the company goes beyond complete integrated A/V systems and provides a comprehensive scope of services including technical design, projector lamp sales, maintenance and operational support.

Electrosonic, Inc

Company Profile:
For over 47 years Electrosonic has brought audio visual installments to life — from the Georgia Aquarium to NASCAR’s Hall of Fame

Industry: Technology

Headquarters: Toronto

Intermedia’s customer since: 2010

The Challenge

“We were using an on-premises server to manage our business communications and email,” says Kathy Senatore, Facilities Manager, Electrosonic. “In addition to the common problems that plague all servers to a certain degree (such as spam, blacklisted emails and occasional crashes), updating and maintaining the server became difficult to manage. We knew we needed to seek a hosted solution.” Jim Bowie, President and CEO of Electrosonic, says, “Electrosonic compared the capabilities and feature sets of many different providers. Intermedia was our first choice.”

The Solution

Electrosonic moved all of their business communications solutions to Intermedia’s business-grade cloud service including:

  • Exchange 2010 for email
  • SharePoint for document management
  • ActiveSync for Android and iPhone/iPad mobility
  • As well as Fax via Email, resource mailboxes and public folders

"Working with Intermedia provides us with the ease and confidence of having our communications managed by a very secure and dependable provider,” says Senatore. “In addition to the excellent 24/7 support service and quick response times, Intermedia is very proactive and often notifies us of problems and viruses to watch out for even before we’re aware of them. Intermedia’s programs and services also offer us a lot of depth when it comes to customization and options. As technology evolves, Intermedia is always on the cutting edge, offering new ways of working to make our communications more convenient and secure. This bevy of new products and services offers us new opportunities to become even more efficient and productive with our business communications."

Intermedia's services have allowed us to grow from managing about 50 email nearly 500.

KATHY SENATORE, Facilities Manager, Electrosonic, Inc,

Products They Use

The Results

“Intermedia’s Cloud services have allowed us to grow from managing about 50 email accounts on our on-premises server to nearly 500 email accounts at the present time, all while not requiring an increase in our IT staff,” says Senatore. “That is about a tenfold increase in emails and business communications that has been managed with ease thanks to Intermedia."

Now that they are on a business-grade hosted solution, Electrosonic’s employees are able to better communicate and collaborate, and mobile working has increased. “Intermedia made it easy to integrate our US and UK email systems, which has ultimately helped with collaboration and eliminated communication problems we were experiencing when we had two different location-based on-premise servers,” says Senatore. “Additionally, Intermedia’s disaster recovery services are very good, providing us with mirrored copies of our servers that live on the east and west coast separately.”

“Intermedia’s commitment to adopting new technologies has eased our transition into the mobile revolution. For example, Intermedia’s HostPilot® Control Panel smartphone app makes it easy for us to manage our communications services anywhere through our phones,” says Senatore.

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