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Datasmith Network Solutions


“The days of writing a $10,000 check for on-premises hardware are over,” says Paul Smith, Partner at Datasmith Network Solutions in Walpole, Massachusetts.

And he should know. Founded in 1986 by Paul Smith Sr., Datasmith Network Solutions has witnessed countless technology shifts in its 25 years in the business. From early PCs to dedicated network services and now to the cloud, the company has continued to evolve ahead of the market. But despite their history and experience, there’s always one objection that comes up in every single sale: the size of their eight-person company.

Datasmith Network Solutions

Company Profile:
Datasmith is aggressively growing their business by leveraging the value of their Intermedia partnership.

Industry: Managed Service Provider

Headquarters: Walpole, MA

Intermedia’s customer since: 2011

The Challenge

“One of the first questions I’m often asked by a prospective client is, ‘How many people do you have on staff?’” reveals Paul Smith Jr., who took over for his father in 1995. Like most Intermedia resellers, Smith knows what the prospect is really asking when they say that: Are you big enough to do handle my needs?

And this is the challenge that so many Intermedia resellers are facing today. YOU know that you can do the job. But how do you demonstrate it to your potential clients?

The Solution

You can’t blame your prospect. They know that IT is a 24/7 need, and they’re wary of entrusting their operations to someone who doesn’t appear big enough to deliver 24/7 support.

But Paul always has an answer ready. As an Intermedia partner, he can provide the same solutions as the big guys, without the price tag that comes from big overhead.

While his company has only eight employees, he’s actually got hundreds of Intermedia employees working on his behalf. By partnering with us, Smith’s “team” includes 350 employees around the globe who work 24/7 to maintain, provide, and extend the Office in the Cloud.

“What does a big company usually tell their prospects?” Smith asks. “‘We have a million dollar datacenter’ or ‘We have a 24/7 support center.’ Well, Intermedia partners can say that, too.”

And he does. “I’m backed by the cloud services industry leader,” Smith tells prospects. And though he uses Intermedia’s white-label capabilities to brand his own services, he has a strategic reason for disclosing his partnership. “I like to tell people that I’m backed by such a large and powerful company. It instantly adds credibility. What’s more, it makes them comfortable in a long-term relationship, because they know that multiple eyes are watching their infrastructure.”

Once the conversation moves beyond size, Smith employs his favorite tool for converting prospects to take what they perceive to be a risk: he takes a risk along with them by leveraging Intermedia’s offer of a 30-day money-back guarantee.

He explains to his clients that if they’re willing to risk trying the cloud for 30 days, he’s willing to invest all the time and energy it takes to set them up and migrate them over.

“This offer is the best thing that Intermedia has ever done,” he says. “We can show value while helping our clients take that first step, then walking them to the other side.” By demonstrating to his prospect exactly how much effort this takes on his part, he shows them that he’s got full faith in the outcome—and a lot of skin in the game.

“That’s why Intermedia makes sense,” he says, and that’s part of the reason why he so freely discloses his relationship with us. “I say to my clients, ‘Why do you want that headache anymore? Simplify your life. It’s a fixed cost. It’s a guaranteed service. It makes sense.’”

I like to tell people that I’m backed by such a large and powerful company. It instantly adds credibility.

PAUL SMITH, CEO, Datasmith Network Solutions,
, Datasmith Network Solutions

Products They Use

The Results

Datasmith Network Solutions has the confidence to chase larger customers precisely because they’re an Intermedia partner. Intermedia enables Datasmith to behave like they’re a big company. And the results speak for themselves: once they show a customer the numbers that compare on-premises to the cloud, their closing rate is 80%.

Finally, Paul Smith has a message to his fellow Intermedia partners. “If you’re not selling all Intermedia’s services today, get on board now! You DO NOT WANT to give your competition an ‘in’ on your clients. With Intermedia, you don’t need a huge back office. You could be a one-man show, or you could just be a business advisor who explains what customers need from technology. You don’t need staff. You don’t need gurus. You just manage the process and move on to the next sale.”

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