With Intermedia, SOS Systems is faster, more competitive


“I feel like I can compete against any company of any size,” says Jim Young, CEO of SOS Systems in Memphis. Although Jim has been in business since 1992, he wouldn’t have made that statement, even as recently as 18 months ago—until he partnered with Intermedia.

“We started out in break/fix work,” Young told us. “We transitioned into managed services way ahead of the curve. Then, 18 months ago, we started to focus on marketing and selling cloud services. As a result, today, we are a lot more agile and we can move quickly to respond to market demands. We can compete against anybody, even larger companies with much greater resources. And we can do that because we leverage the infrastructure, resources and reputation of Intermedia.”


Company Profile:
SOS Systems provides cloud services to Memphis-area businesses and government organizations of all sizes.

Industry: Managed Service Provider

Headquarters: Memphis, TN

Intermedia’s customer since: 2010

The Challenge

In an industry that moves as fast as IT, there are two things necessary to be successful: you need to be able to go after bigger customers, and you need to be responsive enough to land opportunities when they crop up.

Intermedia’s Partner Program helps managed service providers like SOS Systems be more responsive and deliver solutions to everyone from SMBs to enterprises. This support couldn’t have been more valuable to Young than on the day a Memphis-area police department called him. Because this department had an emergency—and only SOS Systems could help.

The Solution

The police department’s Exchange servers had been down for four weeks, and they wanted a hardware proposal from SOS Systems. Young knew that with government entities, the procurement process is slow. He also knew that Intermedia’s Exchange Email offered a quick way to get the department back online.

He began his presentation by focusing on his company’s ability to respond quickly to the department’s needs. “If you can get me a list of all the email addresses in your system,” he told them, “I can have you up and receiving email in less than four hours.”

After 28 days of downtime, the phrase “four hours” got their attention. To seal the deal, Young leveraged Intermedia’s 30-day risk-free trial and proposed they try the new cloud solution for a month at no charge, while they worked on the necessary approvals. “Let’s try Exchange Email for a month,” he told them. “If it meets all your requirements, why would you want to invest in hardware and software?”

The department agreed. And even better than advertised, Young and Intermedia got the department’s email back up and running in just two-and-a-half hours. “Onboarding was so simple that we pretty much did it ourselves,” Young stated. (And that was even before Intermedia had released its Cloud Concierge Onboarding Tool for partners.)

When Young called two weeks later to check in, he learned that there was only one problem the department had encountered in the interim: one user had forgotten their password. The idea of procuring hardware never came up again!

I feel like I can compete against any company of any size.


Products They Use

The Results

Backed by Intermedia’s cloud and its industry-leading Partner Program, SOS Systems moves faster than ever—and they are playing in bigger and bigger ballparks. They’re already leveraging their experience with the police department to go after even larger governmental opportunities.

“I know that Intermedia is behind me, and that I can rely on you,” Young told us. He is even expanding his geographic scope to other states, confident that Intermedia’s reliability and support are making physical presence less and less important to winning business.

“I don't have a problem going after any company, anywhere,” Young declared, “because I know that with the backing we have from Intermedia, we look like a larger company—and we can respond and act like one.”

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