The Alliance relies on the robustness of Intermedia Cloud Server for high demand digital advertising applications


The Alliance is known by their clients for their robust IT centric solutions and support services. With a feature-rich enterprise-grade IT platform, The Alliance is focused on delivering the highest levels of security and server reliability to their customer base.  

Two years ago they decided to change their business model, leveraging their expertise in internet Operations to focus on helping companies tackle digital ad fraud and promote trusted multi-channel advertising in the digital marketing industry. In short, they help advertisers track their ad campaigns and manage their IT infrastructure.  With security at the forefront, The Alliance needed a reliable IT infrastructure that could support the high demands of their clients.

The Alliance

Company Profile:
Since 2002, The Alliance has been providing a wide range of IT services to assist small and mid-sized companies in operations performance improvement.

Industry: IT Management Consulting

Headquarters: Columbia, South Carolina

Intermedia’s customer since: 2002

The Challenge

A 24/7 operation, The Alliance works closely with customers within the marketing and advertising industry to help reduce and eliminate malware, unsolicited tracking and potential viruses that could impact their business. 

“When it comes to reputation, infrastructure and the digital economy, reliability is key, especially within the marketing and advertising industries where our customers cannot afford any type of outage,” said Dan Prather, CEO of The Alliance.

This led them to test the guaranteed uptime of registrar web server services, on-premises servers and cloud server service providers. What they quickly discovered was that nearly all of the services they reviewed didn’t meet the reliability and uptime guarantee demanded by their engineering team.  

The Solution

Prather saw an opportunity to better service their clients’ diverse industry needs by leveraging the reliability and robust configurations of Intermedia’s Cloud Server.

The Alliance analyzed several cloud server platforms comparing the flexibility, security, price, and support of their offerings. Prather quickly determined that none of the providers they evaluated compared to the services offered by Intermedia. “Not all cloud services and providers are created equal,” said Prather.

Prather was quickly impressed with the robustness of the Cloud Server product. “With a 99.999% uptime guarantee, we’re confident that we won’t experience any outages. Our level of trust in Cloud Server is very high,” says Prather.

Flexibility was also a benefit. “We are able to run apps and add files to the platform in a very flexible and secure way. If we need additional resources and bandwidth in the Cloud Server, it doesn’t take hours to get it done. Clients can do it themselves and call us with any issues,” explained Prather.

Finally, they looked at the support offering from Intermedia. “We feel like we have a dedicated account management and engineering team at Intermedia. Other cloud server solutions on the market have a high price point for professional services and don’t provide the responsiveness of Intermedia,” Prather stated.

Additionally, many of their customers use Creative Cloud from Adobe, a monthly or annual subscription service that gives users access to a collection of software for graphic design, video editing, web development, photography and cloud services.

With Creative Cloud, Adobe apps are installed directly on the user’s computer. “Sometimes our customers don’t have the best computer to run apps like Photoshop,” said Prather. They saw Intermedia Cloud Server as the best platform to centralize collaboration for Adobe Creative Cloud efforts between them and their growing customer base to provide customers consistent high-level performance, access, centralization, reliability and security versus running the high-demanding application on their own computers.

“With a 99.999% uptime guarantee, we’re confident that we won’t experience any outages. Our level of trust in Cloud Server is very high

Dan Prather, CEO, The Alliance,
, The Alliance

Products They Use

The Results

“The savings with Cloud Server are great. You don’t need resources on-site or a dedicated network administrator, and we don’t have to worry about unplanned outages, redundant servers, maintenance upgrades, external or third party hardware to protect,” Prather explained.

The Alliance team is very excited about the performance and benefits of Cloud Server. Prather summarizes the three main benefits as:

 For The Alliance, Intermedia’s Cloud Server is the best option on the market “in price, SLA, and reliability. It provides us the robustness we need; we are extremely satisfied,” said Prather.

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