Moving and Storage Company Gains Flexibility, Functionality, and More from Cloud Communications

“The conversion went great, love the system, and when I need something, it works.”

The Background

Businesses are highly dependent on reliable and flexible communications tools and technology. With locations in five states, Mesa Systems required a solid solution to support its communications needs. The company's Director of IT, Steven Davidson, managed six on-premises phone systems, and the challenges were mounting—missing features, rising costs, and lack of functionality. Montana Phone, an Intermedia partner, had been serving the company for many years and had a deep understanding of where Mesa Systems needed to make changes to adapt and become more agile. 

Mesa Systems

Company Profile:
Mesa Systems is a full-service provider of residential and commercial moving, storage, and logistics solutions, serving five states with six locations.

Industry: Transportation

Headquarters: Grand Junction, CO

The Challenge

While the company was already dealing with a complicated system that wasn't meeting its needs, the pandemic caused even more havoc. With their existing system, those that already worked remotely, which was about 30 employees, required a VPN box as a "workaround" to connect to the on-premises system. As shutdowns of offices began to become mandatory, Mesa Systems needed to move more people to remote work. 

"Previously, voice phones were tied back to the main office with VPN boxes. This wasn't simple or easy to deploy. It certainly wasn’t workable once COVID hit," Davidson said.

While Mesa Systems could redirect some calls from other offices that were empty, the system could only handle four at a time. Mr. Davidson recalled, "After four calls, it would hit a busy signal. That required purchasing more licenses, which was cost-prohibitive." So, Mr. Davidson began his discovery phase for a new solution, working with long-time provider and Intermedia partner, Montana Phone. 


  • Cost and complexity of maintaining on-premises phone systems at multiple locations
  • Difficulties serving an increasing number of remote workers without an excessive increase in licensing fees 
  • Onerous workarounds needed to extend functionality to support Mesa Systems' evolving business needs 
  • Insufficient communications support for Mesa Systems' mobile sales force

The Solution

Mr. Davidson contacted Montana Phone's owner and CEO, Jayme Branson, and Senior Account Manager, Kade Branson, to learn about the possible solutions. "We didn’t know what we didn't know around phone systems, and Jayme opened our eyes. From the first demo, I went to the CFO to say we need to get better at what we do, and this is a way to do it," Davidson said.

In evaluating their next move, Mesa Systems looked at more providers than just Intermedia. Davidson led his team through due diligence to review other cloud communications suppliers. Then he brought all the solutions to the table in a meeting of decision-makers. With the other options reviewed, costs were too high, functionality was missing, or the solution just didn't meet their needs. He ultimately selected Intermedia's private label cloud-based unified communications and collaboration platform, as the choice for the company. Mr. Davidson said, "I'm a skeptic of new technology. I want to see it work. The more I talked to Jayme, the more thankful I was that they offered Intermedia."

In addition to Mesa Systems converting to Intermedia's unified communications platform, Montana Phone also deployed Intermedia's Contact Center solution to help Mesa Systems answer every call with superior customer service regardless of call volume. Prior to deploying Contact Center, Mesa Systems' individual locations were struggling to forward inbound calls to remote workers.

The Intermedia decision was the easiest one to make. We are 100% on Intermedia now, and it’s been a very positive experience.

Director of IT, Mesa Systems

Products They Use

The Results

Once Mesa Systems chose Intermedia's cloud communications solutions from Montana Phone, the conversion was seamless. Montana Phone was instrumental in a successful rollout and conducted remote training for each of the office locations. While there were a few learning curves, Mr. Davidson was happy with the result.

All locations are running on Intermedia's cloud communications for phone service with a few groups using video conferencing. Additionally, Montana Phone deployed the Contact Center in Mesa System's newly created team model for both inside sales and customer service.

When asked about the features users most appreciate, Mr. Davidson said, "The fact they can be anywhere and make a call is top of the list. Voicemail to text is really nice, and the contact center reporting is great, as well." With COVID-19 prompting an increase in remote workers, many of Mesa Systems' employees were quick to use the desktop and mobile app for their communications needs rather than relying on office phones.

With the sales and customer service agents working as a distributed team away from Mesa Systems offices, Mr. Davidson deployed 100+ seats of Contact Center for those teams. He set up Contact Center to their primary number with auto-attendant correctly routing calls to the right service representatives. Now, the sales and customer service agents can address customer needs from any location without missing a beat. 

As an IT leader, Steven Davidson relishes the simplicity of it, the ability to use single sign-on and to be hands-on with the straightforward control panel. The reporting features for the Contact Center solution have also been useful. Mr. Davidson can watch a call go through the system and see additional callbacks from the same number. Doing so helps to track customer experiences and improve service.

"I like to have control over the system, and I like that I don't have to call Montana Phone every time I want to make a change. With other vendors, I'd be relying on them for every little thing," he said.

Overall, he's very happy with the level of support from Montana Phone and Intermedia and finds the Intermedia Knowledge Base to be very helpful. "The conversion went great, love the system, and when I need something, it works," Mr. Davidson concluded.

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