Comprehensive Security for Your Inbox

Enterprise-grade, multi-layered protection against malware, malicious links, and unknown email threats.

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Comprehensive Security

Multi-layered protection against malware and unknown email threats.

Point-of-Click Protection

Prevents users from accessing known phishing sites or webpages containing malicious code.

Data Loss Prevention (Email DLP)

Outbound email protection from intentional or accidental data leakage.

Outbound Email Protection

Protect valuable data leaving your organization.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) offers outbound email protection for your organization from negligent, intentional or accidental leakage of valuable, sensitive and proprietary data. It blocks email or alerts users when outbound emails violate predetermined policies.

Stay compliant with encryption services.

Intermedia Email Encryption provides organizations with a safe and reliable way to share sensitive data with their customers or business partners while reducing the risk of data loss and facilitating regulatory compliance.

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