Whitepaper: How to define your hybrid work model

Just about every organization in business a year after COVID-19 first required the work world to shelter in place is now focusing on a hybrid work model — one that accommodates employees working from the office and/or home without forcing “normal” business operations to skip a beat. One aspect of hybrid work is certain—the need for communication and collaboration tools that support continued productivity and business operations. But along with the technology, you’ll need a vision for how your business’s hybrid work model supports communication and collaboration.

Bottom line, if 2020 was the year of forced rethinking about where and how we worked, 2021 and beyond can be the time of proactively designing a hybrid work model that minimizes remote work risks and delivers greater purpose to in-office activities. This white paper aims to help you define that. Designing communication and collaboration for your hybrid work model shouldn’t be difficult, and won’t be if you keep three principles at the forefront:

  • Flexibility
  • Business at the Center of All Communications
  • Crazy Simple