Whitepaper: AI Guardian

Email continues to be the lifeblood of business communications, but it’s also become a primary threat vector for cyberattacks that threaten business. As protection against spam, viruses, and known malware become commoditized, cybercriminals have shifted their tactics to craft targeted attacks that exploit human trust and are less obvious threats. Email attacks today evade traditional detection by adopting advanced techniques and targeting human nature. AI Guardian from Intermedia takes a data science approach to email protection to stop targeted attacks such as impersonation, payroll fraud, invoice fraud, and zero-day credential phishing.

AI Guardian's breadth and depth of detection enable it to classify threats into predefined categories with high accuracy. These threats are automatically remediated using configurable actions (delete, quarantine) for every threat category. AI Guardian leverages custom machine learning (ML) models for an organization that continually refresh historical baselines and reduce false positives with time. This paper will summarize current email security challenges and outline how AI Guardian protects against targeted attacks.