451 Research on SecuriSync's 2-in-1 Backup & File Sharing Functionality

Read this report for 451 Research's take on SecuriSync's position as a 2-in-1 Backup and File Sharing service, and its appeal to enterprise buyers.


securisync 451 research

Some key quotes from the report:

  • "Intermedia is well positioned to facilitate a secure and supported business implementation of enterprise FSS (EFSS)."
  • "The additional backup and recovery features ensure a level of file resilience that can be essential in certain industry verticals, namely healthcare, legal and financial."
  • "In a rapidly commoditizing market, SecuriSync has differentiated itself as one of the few to capitalize on the typically murky connection between file sync and backup services."
  • "Intermedia has developed a competitive FSS offering, viable as a stand-alone product or as a singular feature within its Office in the Cloud portfolio."

According to 451 Research, Intermedia is "one of the few EFSS vendors to capitalize on the characteristically murky connection between file sync and backup services". Read this report for their take on SecuriSync's relevance to enterprise buyers.

SecuriSync’s new features distinguish it within a noisy, over-populated market.