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SSO Portal: ROI calculator

A single sign-on portal gives users one-click access to their web apps, with just one strong password to remember.

Remember the days when everything you needed was accessed through the Start menu? For users, an SSO portal makes things just that easy again. Better still—as the calculator below demonstrates—an SSO portal pays for itself.

See how much you’ll save
with a Single Sign-On portal

Number of users in your company


Average number of apps per user


Average yearly salary per user


Number of password-related help desk calls per month


Cost per help desk call


Assumptions: 20 seconds per login; 1 login per app, per day; 250 workdays per year; $4 per user per month for SSO portal.

An SSO portal saves you:

$ per year
 days to roi per month

Without an SSO portal,
you waste:

 hours of yearly productivity
$ of yearly salary
$ of yearly IT budget

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