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Simple deployment

Whether you’re an existing Intermedia customer or not, you’ll find that AppID is simple to deploy.

  • Existing Intermedia customers: we’ve designed AppID to integrate with your Intermedia identity infrastructure. You simply enable AppID for any or all users. And it’s simple to manage—no admin training is required.
  • New to Intermedia? No problem. AppID easily integrates with your on-premises Active Directory server. (If you need Active Directory, we can provide that for you, too.)

AppID is much easier to deploy, maintain and ensure ROI on an ongoing basis.

Your identity infrastructure is already in place.

AppID is built specifically to integrate with an Active Directory environment—which means you don’t need to add any new infrastructure to use AppID.

The service is pre-integrated.

By getting your Active Directory and SSO services from the same provider, there are absolutely no integration challenges. Intermedia has designed AppID for a seamless experience. Just click to deploy.

You can deploy it yourself.

No consultants are required, and no customization is necessary. Unlike enterprise services, deployment can happen in hours—or even in minutes. If you need help, our Cloud Concierge™ team is waiting for your call.

No admin or user training is required.

Any admin who uses HostPilot can easily get up to speed with Intermedia AppID, and users find the interface intuitive and natural.

It’s simple, even for non-Intermedia customers.

What if you’re not using Intermedia services? No problem. AppID can easily integrate with your on-premises Active Directory server. If you don’t have one, we can provide that for you, too.

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