Intermedia Surpasses One Million Paid Users

Intermedia marks National Small Business Week with clear validation that SMBs demand a one-stop shop for cloud IT


Intermedia, the world’s largest single provider for cloud IT services and business applications, announced that it now has more than 1,000,000 paid users. These users are spread across 60,000 customers, ranging in size from 3 to 10,000 users per customer.

Unlike many Silicon Valley cloud providers, Intermedia is highly profitable and all its customers are paying customers.

Intermedia’s Office in the Cloud offers SMBs and the partners that serve them a complete range of essential IT services. These include email, voice, file sync and share, single sign-on, collaboration, security, archiving and more. All of its services are integrated, secure and mobile-ready. Customers have the option to buy direct, via Intermedia’s 5,000 active partners, or through Costco or ADI.

Intermedia celebrates National Small Business Week by helping SMBs compete

It’s only fitting that Intermedia announces this milestone during National Small Business Week (May 12th through 16th), which celebrates the unique role small businesses play in innovation and job creation. The cloud offers small businesses IT capabilities that match Fortune 500 companies—but the more cloud apps a company deploys, the more challenges it faces around integration, security, mobility and administration.

Intermedia solves these problems by offering SMBs a one-stop shop for cloud IT. Intermedia’s Office in the Cloud delivers the widest range of integrated services with just one bill, one control panel, one password and one source of support.

“We value Intermedia precisely because it offers us so many services from a single provider,” says Howard Harris, system administrator at Palm Beach Gardens-based Ram Realty Services, whose 200 users in multiple offices rely on Intermedia’s hosted Exchange and Hosted PBX services. “We love that there’s one control panel and one source of support for both our email and our phones. This makes it simple to manage all our locations from a central point. We focus on growing our business, not running IT.”

Intermedia’s momentum validates SMBs’ demand for a one-stop shop for cloud IT

With over $150 million in revenue in 2013, Intermedia is among the few cloud companies that are growing profitably. The company’s 5,000 active partners—which include telcos, major distributors, MSPs and VARs—contributed 60% of the company’s new revenue in 2013. As further proof of its one-stop shop model, the number of partners selling multiple Intermedia services rose 168% in 2013, while the number of existing customers buying new Intermedia services rose 270% in the same period.

“Intermedia’s one-stop shop model eliminates the complexity that would otherwise overwhelm SMBs attempting to integrate, secure, manage and make mobile the services delivered by multiple point solutions,” said Michael Gold, president of Intermedia. “Our Business Cloud Platform offers customers a suite of tightly integrated cloud services that go beyond Unified Communications to include single sign-on, file sync and share, email archiving and many more. We’re proud to level the playing field for 1,000,000 SMB customers by providing the core IT services they need to compete in today’s business environment.”

Intermedia now has customers spread across 190 of the 195 countries recognized by the U.S. State Department. Collectively, its customers send an average of 60 million emails a day. In 2013, it switched 881 million minutes of talk time for its customers. Intermedia owns over 8 petabytes of storage.

About Intermedia

Intermedia is the world’s largest one-stop shop for cloud IT services and business applications. Its Office in the Cloud™ delivers the essential services that SMBs need to do business – including hosted Exchange, Hosted PBX, SecuriSync file sync and share, security, mobility and more.

All of Intermedia’s services are pre-integrated for a seamless user experience. They are all managed via Intermedia’s HostPilot® control panel, with just one login, one password, one bill and one source of support – creating tremendous cross-service efficiencies for both users and IT administrators. In addition, they all offer enterprise-grade security, 99.999% availability and 24/7 customer care to assure a worry-free experience.

Intermedia was the first company to offer hosted Microsoft Exchange and, with 60,000 customers and over 1,000,000 users, is today the world’s largest independent provider of hosted Exchange.

Intermedia also enables over 5,000 active partners – including VARs, MSPs, telcos and cable companies – to sell cloud services under their own brand, with full control over billing, pricing and every other element of their customer relationships.

Intermedia’s 600 employees in 3 countries manage 10 datacenters to power its Office in the Cloud – and to assure its famous worry-free experience. Learn more at

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