Intermedia Finds Workers Not Interested In Unplugging After Hours

New Year’s survey reveals only one in five resolve to limit email usage outside work hours


A new survey by Intermedia, the world’s largest Microsoft hosted Exchange provider, reveals the top business communications New Year’s resolutions for 2011. The survey – conducted by Harris Research on behalf of Intermedia – found that three in five respondents1 resolve to be more organized and productive. Only one in five resolves to unplug from email in their time off from work. The findings lead to the notion that American workers are focused on getting more done in 2011.

The full results of the New Year’s resolution survey include:

It is estimated that 247 billion emails are sent per day (according to Pingdom). Rather than cutting back, US workers are focused on how to get more out of business communications activity. By pledging to stay organized, Americans are ready to become more productive in our post-recession economy.

"The question is what tools do workers have to contend with email, voicemail, phone calls –really a proliferation of message volume and channels," says Jonathan McCormick, COO, Intermedia. "There are options you can personally undertake to improve your productivity – like automatically filtering newsletters and non-urgent material to particular files. Companies are also giving workers the convenience of accessing all their communication tools – email, office phone calls and voicemail, instant messaging – right from their smartphones."

The business communications experts at Intermedia have some tips to offer for the New Year:

1 Respondents are employed US adults who have a New Year’s business communications resolution. This survey was conducted online in December, 2010 by Harris Interactive on behalf of Intermedia.