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UCaaS Partnerships Made Easy

The communications solutions you provide to your customers need to be high-quality, reliable, and feature-rich. However, they should also be just as beneficial to you as the reseller. Many times, UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) partnerships don’t offer this. The advantages are purely on the provider side. So, how can you find a UCaaS partner that delivers for you and your customers?

There are many aspects of the relationship, so we invite prospective resellers to learn about how we make these partnerships easy and good for all stakeholders.

What to Look for in a UCaaS Partner

For managed service providers (MSPs) or other small businesses, finding the right UCaaS partner comes with many questions and criteria. If you want the partnership to be easy and fruitful, here are some things to consider.

Who Will Own the Relationship with the Customer?

If you want to continue to own the relationship as a UCaaS reseller, you’ll need to find a partner that offers this kind of model. Many only let you bring them leads as an Agent. Then, the owner of the solution takes over or shares the relationship. However, we offer our partners the ability to own billing, bundling, support, and all other components. You can private label the UCaaS solution or leave it co-branded.

Do You Get Support in Closing the Deal?

Attracting customers and closing the deal will depend on messaging and marketing materials. Our UCaaS partners receive brandable collateral. They also get to interact with our sales experts, who can assist with streamlining selling and positioning.

Who Will Control Pricing and Margins?

If you select a UCaaS provider in a traditional agent model, your company will only collect commissions on deals. That can be lucrative, but more control over pricing and margins is likely more so.

Our partners can set their own prices and margins for products. You pay the wholesale price then determine what you charge your customers. We’ll handle the telecom taxes, as well. With this flexible framework, you can price packaging to remain competitive and ensure profitability.

How Does End User Support Work?

If you own the relationship with the customer, you are the main point of contact for all level 1 technical issues. If the problems are more complex and require additional steps, you can tap our support team via phone or chat 24/7.

You don’t have to leave customers hanging until the next business day. This arrangement helps guarantee your responsiveness to customers so they have the best experience.

What Are the Go to Market Options?

As noted, you can private label or co-brand the product as a partner. If you take the standard reseller path, you can also sell under the company’s brand. If your brand has great value in our region, then you’d certainly want to leverage that. You have that option with our partnership model.

These are the questions to consider when deciding what approach makes the most sense for your company. Simplicity in partnerships also includes the platform itself.

The Right UCaaS Solution Delivers Reliability and Security

How worry-free is a UCaaS solution? Here’s what to seek out for the best reliability and security.

Reliability Is Critical for You and Your Customers

You don’t want to sell a platform in which you aren’t confident. Our reliability is “five nines,” meaning we have an uptime of 99.999%. That’s equal to only 5.26 minutes of downtime a year. Other systems don’t have this level of reliability, and in just a few minutes of downtime, businesses can lose revenue.

Protecting their investment in software is critical, so you want a UCaaS partner that hits all the marks on quality and consistency.

Security Is Essential for UCaaS

Security is a concern for any business taking on cloud-based technology. It’s even more concerning for regulated industries like healthcare and banking. You don’t want to compromise on security when choosing a UCaaS provider. To demonstrate our commitment to security, we have numerous certifications as well as protocols and best practices in place.

Certifications and Compliance

Intermedia has a SOC 3 audit report from an independent auditor validating that our controls and processes were effective in assuring security during the evaluation period. Our datacenters have audit confirmation for the SSAE 16 Type II standard, which demonstrates a commitment to the trust principles of security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy.

Further, we are compliant with PCI Data Security Standards (PCI DSS), HIPAA, GDPR, FINRA, and others.

Security Features

  • Encryption of data in transit and at rest
  • Secure WebRTC
  • Single sign-on
  • All communication is over HTTPS, secured by TLS
  • Backups of all data
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Mobile security, including remote device wipe and device timeout periods
  • Device management enforces password requirements
  • Password management rules based on the user’s role
  • Spam caller protection, which offers the ability to block fraudulent callers
  • Infrastructure protection with enterprise-class firewalls and intrusion protections systems (IPS)
  • DDoS (distributed denial of service) safeguards
  • Incident response alerting and monitoring
  • Privacy policy frameworks to comply with any laws

All security and reliability aren’t your burdens to shoulder, meaning a partnership with us is easy.

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