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Here’s how Intermedia protects against phone fraud

Imagine getting a bill for tens of thousands of dollars in phone calls you didn’t make. That’s what happened to Foreman Seeley Fountain Architecture, a non-Intermedia customer who was recently profiled by the New York Times: they were billed $166,000 due to phone fraud – in just one weekend.

This recent New York Times article brought the issue of phone fraud to the forefront, shedding light on Internet-based phone scams that target small businesses. When businesses think about hacking, they tend to worry about their computers, not their phones. But these types of scams are more common than you think: in 2013 alone, phone fraud cost businesses $4.73 billion globally.

Foreman Seeley Fountain Architecture is not an Intermedia customer. But following the publication of this article, a number of Intermedia customers have reached out to us to ask how we protect our Intermedia Unite™ customers against the kinds of fraud that were detailed in the Times’ article.

So here are a few of the ways in which we help ensure your phones—and your bills—are protected:

  • Watching the network. We regularly add checks and alarms for call volume that appears to be out of the norm. The alarms trigger a human review, and if the situation fits our predefined fraud criteria, we’ll automatically disable international calling and inform the customer.
  • Blocking high-risk areas. Unless you request otherwise, we have network-wide blocks against high-cost areas around the world such as Nigeria, Congo, and Serbia. (These regions are often associated with call fraud.)
  • Default protections. We disable all international dialing for new customers unless you requested it to be activated.
  • Configurable calling thresholds. When international calling has been enabled by default, we limit calls to high-cost North American regions (such as the Caribbean Islands) or for international countries to five an hour. If you exceed this, we’ll disable calling as a precaution. However, this limit is configurable.
  • Billing alarms. Our system will automatically raise an alarm if your bill exceeds last month’s usage charges by 10%.
  • Benefit of the doubt. If you do fall victim to calling fraud, you’re still protected: All customers are credited on the first occurrence.

If you have any further questions about phone fraud, feel free to call support. Our voice support number is 800-379-7729.

If you’re not an Intermedia Unite customer, we can help you move while keeping your current phone numbers.

About Kirsten Barta

Kirsten Barta is Sr Marketing Communications Manager at Intermedia