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Intermedia PC Backup

An easy way to secure the critical information that resides on your employees’ desktops and laptops.

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What happens to your business if the CEO's hard drive crashes, or you accidentally spill coffee into a laptop?

Data loss can occur at any time: a hard drive could crash, a laptop could be lost or stolen, or users could inadvertently – or intentionally – delete important data.

The task of backing up PC-based files and folders can be an expensive and challenging task for any company, especially if you have employees who travel or who work in remote locations.

With Intermedia PC Backup, you can easily back up the critical business information that is created and stored across all the desktops, laptops and servers in your company, without disrupting the day-to-day workflow of your employees.

As an Intermedia service, you can manage PC Backup directly through your HostPilot® Control Panel.

"Every week 140,000 hard drives will crash in the United States."

Google, Failure Trends in a Large Disk Drive Population

PC Backup is easy to use

Easy to use, automatic backup, restore from PC or web


  • Peace of mind: Near-continuous data protection, with automatic backups of the most current versions of files and folders
  • Secure data: Data is encrypted using military-grade, 128-bit SSL encryption prior to transfer. You can also use an additional TestimonialPersonal key for added security
  • Fast restores: In the event of data loss, you can quickly and easily restore data. If a file is accidentally deleted, it can be restored for up to 30 days.
  • Minimal disruption to your employees: Once PC Backup is set-up, it runs automatically. Only new or changed portions of files are backed up.
  • Affordable: PC Backup is easy to install and manage for all the machines in your company, providing a cost-effective alternative to backing up to hard drives or tape drives
  • Total control: You can manage your PC Backup services directly from HostPilot. Add new computers, view backup status and storage usage for each machine and restore files and folders from one place.

Online Backup

To use PC Backup, you simply download the client – we’ll send you a link, or you can download from HostPilot - and install PC Backup on the PC or laptop you want to back up.

  • Determine which files or folders to back up based on location or type
  • Right-click to add a file to a backup set
  • Control back up settings – either automatic or scheduled
  • Browse and search backup sets

PC Backup is available for both Windows and Mac desktop and server operating systems.

Office in the Cloud

$ 4.99 per user/per month 5 GBs per user
$ 8.99 per user/per month 10 GBs per user
$ 14.99 per user/per month 20 GBs per user
$ 29.99 per user/per month 50 GBs per user
$ 54.99 per user/per month 100 GBs per user
$ 159.99 per user/per month 300 GBs per user

The Security + Compliance and Everything Office in the Cloud plans include 5 GB per user of PC Backup storage.

All other Office in the Cloud plans include 1 GB of PC Backup storage per user, which can be used for risk-free, try-before-you-buy testing.

Already a customer? PC Backup Options

Current Intermedia customers on Exchange 2010 Business or Enterprise plans, Exchange 2007 plans, web hosting or standalone SharePoint, OCS, or Lync plans can add PC Backup as an add-on service to their current plans:

PC Backup Desktop license: $4.99 per computer per month.
Server license: $7.99 per computer per month.

5 GB of storage included per computer.
Additional storage $4.99 per additional 10 GB per month.
Try it free for 30 days – add PC Backup in HostPilot