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Resell Intermedia's Hosted Exchange and Cloud Services

Resell hosted Exchange 2013 and an entire suite of cloud services through our full-service partner program. As a cloud services reseller, we enable you to build your cloud services business under two different models: Advisor and Private Label. The best part is, once you’re signed up as a partner you have the option to choose which model to sell under on a customer by customer basis.

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Private Label Model

Resell unique Intermedia private label plans under your brand, where you own the customer billing and the overall customer relationship.

  • Own the customer billing and the overall relationship under your brand. Contracts are on your paper, not ours.
  • You determine end user pricing, set your margins and bundle in additional services.
  • Create high-margin recurring revenue and opportunities for consulting fees.

Advisor Model

Resell direct Intermedia plans. We service the account and pay you a recurring monthly commission over the life of the customer account.

  • Leverage the Intermedia brand to drive sales.
  • Earn unbeatable commissions over the life of the account.
  • Let Intermedia handle customer billing and technical support.

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What's the difference?

Private labelAdvisor
How you make money Charge your customers more than our wholesale prices – and keep the difference. Increase margins by wrapping your professional services around the sale. Intermedia pays a recurring commission
Branding Your brand Intermedia brand
Pricing You set prices Intermedia retail prices
Monthly billing You bill your customers Intermedia bills direct
Customer support You support end users Intermedia supports end users
Customer 'ownership' You own the customer relationship Intermedia manages the account

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