Cloud Communications Savings Calculator

When considering moving your communications to the cloud, cost is always a factor. And what you’re paying today may be more than you think, while moving to the cloud may cost you less than you believe.

Use the calculator below to estimate the real savings opportunity of moving your communications to the cloud. Fill out your PBX-related costs on the left, your monthly cloud subscription price on the right, then scroll down to see your results!

Existing PBX ?Add in what you know about your on-premises PBX-related costs

Number of PBX Users

Total Annual cost of service and parts

Total Monthly Maintenance and SWA Contract

Total Monthly Telecom costs (phone lines, long distance)

Web meeting cost/user/month

Collaboration software cost/user/month

File storage and backup cost/user/month

Intermedia Unite ?Simply add the Cloud Communications monthly subscription price per user. The tool already knows the number of users you have from the column on the left.

Monthly Cost/User

NO Service or Parts Charges

FREE Support and Software Upgrades

FREE Local and Long Distance*

INCLUDED Web Meetings

INCLUDED Collaboration Tools

INCLUDED File Storage and backup


Existing PBX

Intermedia Unite

Monthly Cost/User


Total Monthly Cost


Total Annual Cost



Monthly Savings


Yearly Savings


Savings after 5 years



Existing PBX

Intermedia Unite

Supports Mobile/Home Users

Receives automatic free feature updates

Built in collaboration, meetings and file sharing

Built in business continuity

Scales one user at a time

No hardware to own, support and maintain


This Cloud Communications Savings Calculator (this “Tool”) is for illustrative purposes only. It is not a guarantee of financial results, nor does it constitute financial advice. This Tool uses information you supply to provide an estimate of your potential savings when purchasing Intermedia Unite® user licensing. The accuracy of the estimated savings presented in this Tool will depend upon the accuracy of the variables you enter, the types and pricing of the Intermedia user licenses actually purchased, and other factors, including your specific situation. All amounts inserted into, and generated by, this Tool are denominated in U.S. Dollars.­ The results generated in this Tool are estimates and should only be used as a guide to evaluate the potential savings when deploying Intermedia Unite. The actual economic results realized will vary, and there is no guarantee of financial results.­ Any estimate generated by this Tool is not, and should not be interpreted as, either a contract or a promise of a contract, and is not a quote for services. Intermedia and its affiliates do not and cannot guarantee the accuracy or reliability of the results generated by this Tool. Intermedia and its affiliates are not responsible for discrepancies between the results calculated by this Tool and the actual cost. The ultimate responsibility for achieving savings results remains with the purchaser of the services (not Intermedia). This Tool is intended for use by business customers only; it is not intended for use by individual consumers or for individual/consumer purposes.

* To anywhere in the United States, Canada, or Puerto Rico.

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