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The right cloud communications platform can put your business on a better course.

From consolidation of expenses and communications tools to the ability to be more flexible, efficient, and prepared in today’s remote and hybrid work world, Intermedia Unite® will help move your business forward by delivering more at a lower cost than most legacy on-premises phone systems. And with the addition of Contact Center, you will get improved customer satisfaction with tools designed to manage and track your customer interactions more easily. In this economic climate, your best chance of creating more revenue is with loyal and happy customers. They are the most inexpensive source for repeat sales and referrals.

Saving Big with Intermedia Unite and Contact Center

Estimate the real savings opportunity of moving your communications to the cloud with Intermedia Unite

Add the Number of Users

Existing business phone system & service ?Also known as PBX

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current bill below


Phone System

Web/Video Conferencing

Chat/Instant Messaging Tools

File Storage and Backup

Telecom - Local and Long Distance

Exchange Mailbox


Charges from your monthly/annual bill

Service or Parts Charges ?Costs for replacing broken elements, upgrades or expansions. Break out to monthly cost.

Support and Software Upgrades ?Also known as a Software Assurance Contract (SwA). Break out to monthly cost.


Intermedia Unite



INTERMEDIA Unite PRO / per user:

Phone System


Web/Video Conferencing
(Up to Participants)


Chat/Instant Messaging Tools


File Storage and Backup ( GB)


Telecom - Local and Long Distance


Exchange Mailbox


No ADDITIONAL Extra chargeS:


Service or Parts Charges


Support and Software Upgrades




YOUR potential savings WITH UNITE PRO


Savings after 10 years

Monthly Savings


Yearly Savings


Savings after 5 years


Great Customer Experiences Can Save You Money

What Do Missed Calls Cost You?



Money Lost for
Every Missed Call


Economic uncertainty means customers are even more careful about where they're spending their money. Good customer experiences have quickly become one of the top factors in customer buying decisions.

Something as simple as answering a call can be the difference between a future sale and a customer lost to a competitor. Just how much could eliminating missed calls save you in lost revenue?

Use our missed call calculator to find out!

Stop missing customer calls

There could be numerous reasons why you’re missing calls and Intermedia Contact Center can help.

  • Call queues let customers wait for the next available employee versus getting a busy signal or voicemail.
  • Queued callback lets callers enter a phone number and be called back instead of waiting on hold.
  • Use interactive voice response (IVR) to let customers get information (e.g., account balance, shipping status, lab results, etc.) without needing an employee.
  • Webchat, SMS Texting, and Email queues reduce call volumes, increase convenience for customers, and improve employee efficiency when interacting.
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Intermedia Unite + Contact Center Advantages

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