SecuriSync: Never Lose Another File

In the day-to-day, IT must overcome many immediate obstacles, including those unwittingly or unintentionally created by their own end-users. These “uh-oh” moments can range from something as simple – but inconvenient – as spilled coffee on a laptop, to a havoc-inducing ransomware attack, to a compliance-busting data breach triggered by a former coworker accessing sensitive data. At the core of each of these incidents is the threat of file loss and reduced productivity, but you can guard against them with a single solution that is simple, automatic and easy to use. And we’ll show you how. 

Read our ebook for tips on how to overcome some of the most common IT mishaps and learn how SecuriSync by Intermedia, the all-in-one backup, file sharing and collaboration solution, can protect your data and keep your end-users up and running no matter what the day throws at you.