Recovery from ransomware with SecuriSync: A step-by-step guide

Hit by ransomware? This guide show you how to quickly and easily use SecuriSync to restore those encrypted files to their pre-infection state.

A user’s machine has been infected with crypto-ransomware. Now the files are encrypted and that user has come to you for help.

With SecuriSync, users don’t have to wait for you to restore their computer to get back to work. You just need to roll the files back to a clean version, and then your end users can access those files via the web on another computer or using the SecuriSync app on a mobile device.

There are two parts to the file restoration process: 1) figuring out what time and date to roll the files back to, and 2) performing the actual file restoration.


You can restore encrypted files to their original state even before you even reimage the infected machine