Not All Voice Clouds Are Created Equal: A Technical White Paper

A high-quality “Voice Cloud” is determined by not only the strength and robustness of its network’s infrastructure but, equally important, by the expertise of its architects and engineers.

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Intermedia’s 20+ years of VoIP experience sets itself apart from other communication leaders with its unrivaled, industry proven Voice Cloud.

For Intermedia, our seasoned architects and engineers first developed our Voice Cloud in 1998, and have constantly evolved it to keep ahead of both customer growth and our own extremely high benchmarks for reliability, security, and Quality of Service (QoS).

This white paper offers a deep dive into our proprietary technology. It explains how our Voice Cloud is architected to achieve or exceed our benchmarks for reliability, security and QoS.

Our 99.999% SLA is possible because our architects and engineers have optimized across seven key technological components...