Email Archiving and Backup for M365 White Paper

Business leaders and even IT staff sometimes struggle to articulate the difference between backup and archival and often conflate their operational use.

This whitepaper compares and contrasts how these services work to support a Microsoft 365 environment and the specific problems they address. This can help organizations more effectively map their business and technical requirements to backup and archiving and better understand how these services should be used together for maximum protection of operational data and ultimately, the business.

In this whitepaper, you'll learn:

  • The key differences between backup and archiving
  • Why you need to back up Microsoft 365
  • Problems with using a backup as an archive
  • Why you need to archive from Microsoft 365
  • Problems with using an archive for recovery
  • How backup and archiving work together
  • How you can get it all from Intermedia, including Microsoft 365 itself