Never Lose Another File

Never Lose Another File

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SecuriSync® Guide to Surviving IT’s Common “Uh-oh” Moments

IT faces many obstacles each day, including those unwittingly or unintentionally created by their end-users. These mishaps range from something as simple – but inconvenient – as spilled coffee on a laptop to a havoc-inducing ransomware attack.

At the core of each incident is the threat of file loss and reduced productivity, but you can guard against them with a single solution that is simple, automatic and easy to use. And we’ll show you how.

When multiple teams are working to get the new product launched on time

ADVANTAGE #5: Worry-free collaboration

Successfully collaborating on a project requires that colleagues can easily and securely create, share and edit the right files at the right time, often all at once. But sometimes sharing documents can lead to confusion and lost information.

It’s time you stop worrying that the team is losing cycles, content – and precious time – working on the wrong version, or worse, editing over each other.

Worry-free collaboration

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Intermedia is a one-stop shop for cloud business applications. Its Office in the Cloud™ suite integrates the essential IT applications that companies need to do business, including email, unified communications, file backup and sharing, productivity, identity and access management, mobility, security and archiving. Intermedia services offer enterprise-grade security, a 99.999 percent uptime service level agreement and award-winning 24/7 support, as certified by J.D. Power and TSIA.

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