Hostway and Intermedia

Intermedia has upgraded your web hosting to Hostway, a leading enterprise web hosting vendor. We are now migrating your web hosting POP mailbox to Hostway. Check back often - we will continue to update this site to bring you the latest news and resources for a seamless upgrade.

Hostway POP Migration FAQs

Why is my POP/IMAP mailbox moving?

Now that your web hosting has been migrated we are now focusing on moving web hosting POP email accounts over to Hostway.

When will the migration process start?

The POP mailbox migration process is scheduled to begin in January 2018. As we move closer to this date, additional details related to your migration, including your exact migration date, will be sent to you via email. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Hostway at 866.467.8929.

How will I be notified about the details of the migration process?

Intermedia will send you an initial email, after which Hostway will communicate the schedule along with a link to an FAQ about the upcoming changes.

What will the migration process look like?

We will do our best to make the migration process as seamless as possible and to alleviate any interruption to your services. During this process, Hostway and Intermedia will work together to copy your mailbox data from source environment to target environment.

Additional details will follow as we move closer to January 1st, 2018.

Do I need to do anything to prepare for the migration?

We ask that you confirm your email address on file with Intermedia is current, as this is how we will be sending you additional information as we get closer to your migration date. If you do not know the password to your POP mailbox, then please reach out to your administrator to get it reset. Your admins can reset it by following the information in the below link:

Will there be any limitations after migrating to Hostway?

In the Hostway environment, you are only able to send outbound emails from the Primary Default Domain specified for the account. To ensure this is the correct domain, please confirm that your primary default domain is correct with Intermedia before migration starts. If further help is needed, please reach out to Support.

Can I keep my POP mailboxes with Intermedia?

No. All Intermedia web hosting customers are subject to this migration. If you have concerns about migrating your mailboxes to Hostway, please contact your Intermedia Account Manager and they can discuss additional options with you.

Who can I contact if I have a question or concern?

Hostway Support will handle any questions and concerns that you may have, they can be reached at 866.467.8929.

Will my billing change or increase? What happens if I have a pre-paid 12-month account?

No additional costs will be incurred during this upgrade. You will continue to be billed in accordance to your existing agreement, but billing will now be invoiced through Hostway. In case of a prepaid account, the remaining funds have been transferred to Hostway who will provide support through the contract date. Once the current contract is up, a new one will be issued by Hostway.

Is there a storage limitation? Or will my email storage change?

Hostway has a storage limit of 2.5GB per mailbox. Additional storage is available at an extra cost.

What will happen to my Exchange accounts?

There will be no impact to your Exchange accounts.

If you have POP/IMAP accounts set up on the Web Hosting that uses the same domain name as your Exchange account, we will not be migrating your account. We will provide you with separate instructions at a later time.

How will I manage the POP mailboxes?

You can manage your POP mailboxes using the same control panel that is used to manage your Hostway web hosting services.

I have POP/IMAP mailboxes with Webhosting and Exchange accounts with Intermedia. What is going to happen?

If both WebHosting and Exchange accounts have different domains, then your POP/IMAP mailboxes on the WebHosting account will be migrated.

If both WebHosting and Exchange accounts share the same domain name, your POP/IMAP mailboxes on the Webhosting account will not be migrated to Hostway.

How can I check my domains on Webhosting and Exchange accounts?

You will need to have access to both Webhosting and Exchange accounts with Intermedia. From there you can check by navigating through the following paths:

In your Webhosting account, navigate to Domain Names > Domains Manager
In your Exchange account, navigate to Services > Domains

What other ways can I tell if my Webhosting and Exchange accounts are sharing the same domain?

After logging in to both accounts and verifying the domain exists you will want to do an additional check to see if the domain is set to split domain. You can check by logging into your Exchange account in the HostPilot Control Panel and navigate to Services > Domains. On the list of domains, you may see a green and yellow icon with a broken line down the middle. This is a split domain. Screenshot below.

What other ways can I tell if my Webhosting and Exchange accounts are sharing the same domain?

What is a split domain?

The following KB article explains more on what is a split domain.

What is included in the POP/IMAP email migration to Hostway?

The following will be included in the migration process:

  1. Mailboxes,
  2. Email Data (server-side),
  3. Alias’,
  4. Forwarding,
  5. Passwords,
What is not included in the POP/IMAP email migration to Hostway?

The following will not be included in the migration process:

  1. Stored Contacts
  2. Stored Calendars
  3. Autoreplies
  4. Whitelists/Blacklists
What should End Users expect after migration?

End Users should expect to connect their Outlook and Webmail differently.

  1. Outlook Settings –
  2. Webmail -
Will I have to make any DNS changes?

DNS changes will need to occur during your cutover migration date. Depending on where your DNS is hosted, more information will be provided leading up to your migration date.

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