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Remote Administration Tools and Management Features

With Intermedia Unite, you can scale and manage your communications according to your company's needs. No more overspending on lines you don’t need, or being constrained by unexpected growth. Order additional service and manage your employee phone, data backup, video and conferencing services through a single interface.

Whether your Unified Communications (UC) platform is managed by a dedicated IT professional, or simply assigned to the Office Manager, Intermedia Unite is designed to cut down the amount of time they have to spend focusing on managing your systems.  

Here are some ways we work to make management of Intermedia Unite easier and more efficient than other phone unified communications systems:

Unite Management Portal

  • ONE central location to manage system or endpoint settings
  • Enable or disable permissions system-wide, by group or by individual user
  • Add users, user phones, and phone numbers right from the portal
  • Set up auto attendants and groups according to business requirements
  • View/create hunt group reports
  • And much, much more

Auto Attendant

  • Greets callers and then directs them to the right person, department or information - 24 hours/day
  • Multiple and branched menus for business hours / after hours / weekends
  • Holiday menus to accommodate recurring special events as well as one-time events
  • Dial by name / by extension
  • Ability to ring multiple phones (in order or all at the same time)
  • Send voicemails to email
  • Calendar views of weekly and monthly routing schedules

Hunt Groups

  • Place incoming calls into set groups such as sales department, accounting, etc.
  • Calls are distributed according to managed setting: Round-robin, sequentially, longest idle, or all simultaneously
  • Can be configured to feature greetings, messages, and hold music
  • Users and administrators may log users in and out of groups

Hunt Group Reporting

  • Select/view data and view reports for entire groups or individual users
  • Track employee productivity with graphical data reports based on group or individual, and time
  • Includes statistics such as hold time, talk time, call duration, call volume, and other call metrics
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