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Intermedia Envision Analytics enables you to leverage easy to use analytics to make data-driven decisions that help you work smarter, be more productive and efficient, and take better care of your customers. This comprehensive data analysis and reporting solution for Intermedia Unite and Contact Center provides deep insights – empowering organizations to uncover trends, optimize critical communications, improve operations, and deliver better customer care based on metrics from the communication interactions flowing through your systems every day.

Service Adoption Dashboard

With the Service Adoption Dashboard, you can ensure you're getting the greatest value out of your cloud communication solutions. This dashboard helps you identify and reveal insights on how much your users are utilizing Unite services such as Voice, Chat, and Meetings, as well as the Desktop and Mobile Apps. The Service Adoption Dashboard provides high-level views of the activation and active usage rates to help businesses identify opportunities to gain more value and productivity from Unite services.

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Historical Voice Calls Dashboard

The Historical Voice Calls Dashboard (HVCD) helps businesses get the most value out of Unite by showing summaries of how the Unite services are being utilized, categorized by users and groups. This dashboard provides insights into call performance and optimization.

Historical Voice Calls Dashboard

User Activity Report

The User Activity Report helps businesses gain an overview of how many calls are being made or received on an hourly or daily basis, as well as the duration of calls and number of unanswered calls.

User Activity Report Dashboard

The Envision Analytics dashboards and reports are included with all Intermedia Unite plans so you can start using Envision Analytics today.

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