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Back up Office 365 with SecuriSync from Intermedia

Back up Office 365 with SecuriSync from Intermedia

If you’re considering moving to Office 365®, you’re also probably planning to use the included OneDrive® for Business for cloud storage, syncing and sharing files. File sync and share services—like OneDrive—can boost productivity and mobility across the enterprise by giving users easy access to files. And while their benefits to work productivity are clear, using OneDrive without adding an additional backup service could leave your company exposed to potential data loss.

Intermedia helps resolve this by bundling Office 365 with real-time backup, secure file sharing, and file collaboration provided by SecuriSync® from Intermedia.

Why back up Office 365 with SecuriSync?

  • Data safety and security
    Real-time backup of files – including files on the Desktop and in My Documents.
  • Downtime prevention
    Mass restore to easily recover from data loss events, including ransomware attacks.
  • True peace of mind
    Preserve data with backup and retention policies, preventing the permanent deletion of files.
  • Worry-Free file sharing
    Easy, secure file sharing and collaboration inside and outside the company.
  • File Collaboration
    Co-edit files in real-time with other collaborations using Office Online.
  • Administrative control
    Administrative control over users, devices, files and sharing events.

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