Intermedia Email Protection

Keep your business safe from known and emerging email threats.

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Email Security for Advanced Email Threats

Get multi-layered email protection. Intermedia Email Protection offers a powerful and unique set of technologies to stop spam, phishing, malware, including both known and emerging “zero-hour” threats in the earliest stages of their proliferation.

Improve accuracy of detection. Multiple tier-1 Anti-Virus engines work concurrently to increase the accuracy of detection and categorization of email threats to 99% with near-zero false positives.   

Respond faster to real-time threats.  Message reputation signatures – multiple times a minute - combined with advanced heuristics and machine learning for fast and accurate message fingerprinting, categorization and filtering.

Prevent targeted attacks. Advanced anti-phishing and spear-phishing protection against targeted email threats are included with every mailbox. Intermedia Email Protection is designed to flag suspicious email, identify spoofing, and analyze email content and the sender's identity for signs of fraud and impersonation.


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