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HostPilot integrates your services, users and devices. It's a "single pane of glass" for your cloud.

*Product and feature availability may vary by region.

Controlling users

With HostPilot, it's simple to set up and manage user accounts across all their services. This makes it easy to onboard new employees, deprovision departing ones, and help keep your users happy and productive. It can even sync with an existing on-premises Active Directory.

Full control over user set up and management

With HostPilot, setting up new users and managing their services takes only a few seconds. Just enter basic user information into HostPilot and select the cloud services you want that user to have.

You can also change user settings, distribution lists, company contacts, disk space, and more. And HostPilot supports multiple levels of administrators so you can assign specific people to manage different Intermedia services.

You can also set up and manage user accounts with our HostPilot mobile app.

Keep using the tools you use today as you migrate to the cloud

Are you already using Active Directory to manage on-premise applications? That’s great. HostPilot integrates with Active Directory, so you can keep your cloud services in sync with your on-premises applications. This gives you a single system of record for your users and services.

Save IT resources and empower users at the same time

Intermedia provides a control panel for end users called My Services that lets your employees manage their Intermedia services. IT admins have complete control over what users can do in My Services: what services they can access and which permissions.

Now, instead of calling the help desk, users can perform many tasks themselves:

  • Easy password reset. Users can quickly reset their password in My Services rather than calling the help desk.
  • Monitoring storage consumption. With My Services, users can track how much storage they’re using and request more.
  • Request and download new services. Users can see the services that they currently have and request new services with a click of a button. A request is sent to your IT staff to approve. Then HostPilot provisions the service.
  • Access OWA. With My Services, users who are out of the office or using a mobile device can quickly access Outlook Web Access for remote access to their Exchange Email email service.
  • User photo upload. Users upload their photo in My Services and it propagates to other interfaces like MS Outlook, OWA, and Lync.
  • Remote wipe. Users can perform remote wipe on lost or stolen mobile devices.
  • Back up and restore mailbox. Users can back up and restore their Outlook mailbox from My Services.
  • My Services mobile app. Available for iOS and Android devices.

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