Hosted Exchange Email

Cloud-based Microsoft Exchange business email from the world's largest independent provider.

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Unlimited Email Storage

One of the biggest challenges of any email infrastructure is capacity planning. It's very challenging for organizations to forecast their growth in order to plan for future storage needs. In an on-premises environment, this creates headaches for operations and procurement. But it's also a challenge presented by cloud providers that limit the size of user inboxes. It forces you to make a tough choice: do you provision mailboxes conservatively, which will save money but handicap your power users? Or do you spend money to enable your edge users, knowing that you're paying more for the average user than you have to?

Intermedia's Exchange Email eliminates this conundrum by offering unlimited storage. Users never have to worry about the size of their inboxes. Instead, they can use their email as a versatile tool that adapts to their individual preference and style, free of any constraints.

As the foundation of Intermedia’s Office in the Cloud, Exchange Email can be bundled with up to 30 other Intermedia services.


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