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Company disclaimer

As legal and compliance risks grow, Intermedia's Company Disclaimer add-on is an effective way to help enforce a company-wide email policy. It helps ensure all your outgoing emails conform to your legal and corporate policies by letting you append information to email sent outside of your own business.

Company Disclaimer is managed through HostPilot, the same control panel you use to manage all your Intermedia services. It's simple to deploy, maintain and update.

Flexible options and styling

You can easily edit and format your disclaimer. This includes choice of font, color, size and additional formatting options. You can also add Active Directory user attributes such as Display Name, First Name, Last Name, Department, Company and more.

Non-changeable by end-users

To facilitate compliance with policies, individual end users do not have the option to edit or remove the disclaimer from their emails. Company Disclaimer can be added to any Exchange Email plan for $14.99/account.

As the foundation of Intermedia’s Office in the Cloud, Exchange Email can be bundled with up to 30 other Intermedia services.


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